One solution to connect ALL of your communication ecosystems.

one device that does it all

ONE™ Mobile is a combination of an all-in-one ruggedized Android smart device and software application that enhances your communication and operational efficiency. This single device allows you to communicate with your whole team and monitor your systems.


Rugged smartphone with Android operating system


Mix and match traditional two-way radios and ONE™ Mobile for seamless communication


Easy push-to-talk button mimics two-way radio operation


Supports Android-based apps for an all-in-one tool


Roll-up reporting to visualize and compare facilities


Send messages from corporate offices to one or more sites in real-time


Generate reports on demand or on a recurring schedule


Multi-site activation dashboard

Keeping Everyone on the same page

ONE™ Enterprise combines The ONE Platform™ solutions from many different facilities into one report and dashboard. Using the power of the cloud, it collects data from multiple locations and can be distributed to designated people within your facility or organization.

The Power of Voice IS HERE

ONE™ Sage is a voice assistant technology that you can use on your two-way radios or ONE™ Mobile. With ONE Sage, your team can now use simple spoken language to get critical information and activate near infinite commands using just their voice.


Initiate actions by speaking a word or phrase over radio or microphone


Integrate with existing information systems


Request information by asking a question in simple language over the radio or microphone


Ask ONE Sage a question or tell ONE Sage to do something


Supports notifications to any of the ONE™ audio and visual outputs such as: radio, text messages, phone calls, and emails


Choose the pattern and frequency of how your message is broadcast by choosing escalation timing, message repeats, and even workflow logic


Schedule one-time and recurring notifications to any of the ONE audio and visual outputs


There's multiple ways to communicate your audible message including online voice recording, pre-recorded files, and text-to-speech

When you want to get the word out

Connect leaders to their frontline teams for communications that are needed most. Notify and remind staff of new protocols or activities happening now or in the future. No matter what information you want staff to know about, you can count on ONE™ Connect to get the word out.

Temperature monitoring has never been easier

ONE™ Temperature is an easy way to monitor temperatures of various objects in your stores using temperature sensors and probes. These sensors can be used to activate when temperatures go outside a certain high or low temperature threshold.

Simple Installation

Simple installation to many different types of refrigeration units

Temperature Alarming

Notifies you when temperatures go outside a certain high or low temperature threshold


Seamless installation on grab and go warmers, medicine storage units, hot water heaters, IT rooms, and so much more

Log & Report

Automatic temperature logging and reporting

Automated messaging

Instant automated messages improve workflow and time management

Simple API Integration

Fully connect your external systems using a web-based application programming interface (API)

Integrate Vital Systems

Integrate with burglar alarms, fire alarms, building automation, refrigeration alerts, facial recognition systems, and camera systems

Limitless Integration

Limitless integration with software and systems

The missing piece to your productivity puzzle

ONE™ Integrator fully connects your external systems using a web-based application programming interface (API). Perfect for when you need real time notifications for building control and your IT systems. If part of any system has failed within your company, the ONE Integrator will notify the appropriate people so they can quickly resolve the issue.

Level up the Retail Experience

Team members can’t always be everywhere when guests need them most. Our ONE™ Assist solutions save guests the time and frustration associated with finding a team member by using help buttons, call boxes, and dwell sensors.

Wireless Help Buttons

Strategically place help buttons throughout your store for guests to request assistance

Timed Events & Tasks

Schedule timed events such as storewide announcements and reminders for employees to check restrooms

Dwell Sensors

Be notified when a shopper is in a specific location for a certain amount of time


Generate reports on demand or on a recurring schedule

Infinitely configurable

Create informational and interactive experiences via custom web screens

Built in tools

Presentations can have embedded video, audio, static images, text, and interactive buttons

Easily update content

Update and switch out content as needed to keep everyone up to date

Increase Engagement

Keep everyone engaged with digital newsletters, product advertisements, ride scheduling, or activity registration pages

Custom Content

ONE™ Content allows you to create informational and interactive experiences for your specific audience and team via custom web screens. These screens are designed and deployed with built in tools. Think of it as your custom content builder.

Add more to your nurse call system

ONE™ Renew is a simple integration solution to add more capability to your existing call system. ONE Renew comes with all the features and benefits of The ONE Platform™ without having to completely replace your original nurse call system.

grow as you go

Add any of The ONE Platform solutions to your system as your needs change

Eliminate Pagers

Announce pages to radio or mobile app using text-to-speech


Integrate to your existing call system, corridor lights, and paging systems

Dashboard & Reporting

View active calls and generate reports to guide your operations

Real Time Notifications

Customizable real time notifications to any of the ONE™ audio and visual outputs

Reporting Capabilities

Generate reports that are custom tailored to each users’ preferences

Location Tracking

Real-time location during calls for assistance anywhere in the facility

System Health

System health dashboards monitor low batteries, failed check-ins, etc.

An all-in-one nurse call system

ONE™ Call delivers dependable nurse call solutions that can be paired with two-way radios, smart phones, and other devices so you can respond quickly to residents while keeping staff connected. Access powerful dashboards from any web browser to view daily activity, alarms, and system performance as it happens. 

communication for all

ONE™ Communic-Aid uses The ONE Platform™ to enhance communication and notification for hard of hearing (HOH) team members.

You've Got Options

Choose from a variety of ways to enhance communication and notification for team members

Bluetooth Integration

Integrate radio calls via Bluetooth hearing aids and hearing loops


Speech-To-Text-To-Speech communication bridges between HOH and non-HOH team members

Text and vibration

Team members can receive alerts via text or vibration over a radio


Choose from a variety of solutions like call boxes, SMS texting, and telephone interconnect


Eliminates delays and confusion with robust solutions


Connect guest directly to a curbside pickup team member via two-way radio, cell phones, and text messaging


Generate reports to view response times

Curbside made easy

ONE™ Curbside is a curbside pickup program that will seamlessly connect your team members to guests.

Turn Guest Feedback into purposeful decisions

ONE™ Feedback utilizes wireless call boxes with thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons so your guests can give feedback in any given area. These buttons provide a simple feedback mechanism that allows for instant notification through The ONE Platform™ family of solutions and also allows for aggregated feedback in specialty reporting.

Guest Feedback

Wireless ONE™ Feedback boxes can be installed anywhere

Keeping it clean

Guests can provide feedback in any given area such as restrooms or fitting rooms so you know when it's time for maintenance

Satisfaction Trends

Specialty reporting to spot trends in any given area such as restrooms, customer service counters, or deli counters

Instant Notification

Instantly notifies team members about guests’ needs via output devices like two-way radios

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