Is your senior care facility prioritizing resident safety? Sure, there are rules and regulations that have to be followed by the state, but it’s also up to senior living facilities to determine when their nurse call systems, pagers, and other technology is in need of a little TLC. 

If your facility is guilty of not making resident safety a priority, check out this stat – Of the 1.6 million residents in U.S. nursing facilities, approximately half fall annually. About 1 in 3 of those who fall will fall two or more times in a year. (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

If not already, falls should be among one of the top concerns when it comes to resident safety. Read on to find out how technology is changing the game in fall detection solutions that benefit senior care staff and residents alike.


Resident safety should never be compromised. If pressure pads have failed you, or other fall detection products have sounded a false alarm, it’s probably a clear sign that it’s time to upgrade your equipment.

Residents Feel Uncomfortable

If a resident is accident-prone, it’s likely they are hooked up to a pull cord or tasked with sitting in bed on a pressure pad in order to monitor their movements. While these options are well intended, they don’t necessarily make a resident feel comfortable. 

Keep in mind standard buttons and cords are often out of reach and even wearables can’t guarantee around-the-clock protection. A third of long-term care residents forget to put on their devices, while a fifth refuse to use them, fearing loss of independence.

It’s important to make residents feel a little more human than that while they are receiving care at your facility. Giving them the freedom to move around as long as they’re able is a simple solution.

Senior Living Staff Is Frustrated

False alarms, undetected accidents, and other fall detection fails are sure to frustrate your staff. It’s hard enough to be efficient in an industry known for high turnover rates, let alone responding to false alarms instead of giving extra care to residents who need it the most.


ONE Watch is a powerful fall detection solution specifically designed for senior living communities. This camera-free solution provides around-the-clock protection for senior living facilities while respecting resident privacy. The best part? It works in conjunction with The ONE Platform™ so alerts and reports are all in one place.

How ONE Watch Works

ONE Watch uses wall-mounted sensors and point cloud imaging technology to constantly monitor the resident’s surroundings. Falls can be detected in all lighting conditions, from complete darkness to dense steam, making it ideal for use in bathrooms where 80 percent of falls happen. 

When ONE Watch detects a fall, it will send an alert to caregivers via text, email, or voice announcement over a two-way radio or call to a cell phone. History of incidents are tracked and reports are provided on the number of incidents, response times, and extended wait times. In addition, analytics are available showing hours in bed, trips to the bathroom, and hours out of bed.

ONE Watch operates on low-power radio frequency waves, providing a safe, robust, and reliable solution for senior living communities that provide 24/7 protection without compromising resident privacy or independence.

Diagram of ONE™ Watch input and output options
ONE Watch™ input and output options


If you’re looking to really upgrade your overall communication technology, The ONE Platform by Advanced Wireless Communications will streamline your communication into a central system. 

What Is The ONE Platform?

The ONE Platform was made specifically with nursing homes and senior living facilities in mind. Its dependable technology receives a variety of alerts from call lights, fall detection systems, fire alarms, wander and access controls, and environmental systems.

Pair that with two-way radios, smartphones, and other devices so staff can respond quickly to residents while remaining connected. It can be used as a stand-alone system or be integrated into existing call systems, extending the life of legacy systems without the high cost of completely replacing them.

The ONE Platform also offers powerful visual dashboards, which can be accessed from any web browser, to show daily activity, alarms, and system performance as it happens. The reporting feature can be custom tailored to each user’s preferences with automation that allows reports to be generated and sent directly to an inbox, making it easy to stay updated on what is happening at a senior living facility.


Ready to ditch your old technology? ONE Watch is transforming fall detection in senior living communities by delivering a touchless, highly accurate solution for detecting falls, alerting caregivers, and increasing resident safety. Residents and their family can have the confidence in knowing that the care they depend on is seconds away. To learn more, contact us at or download The ONE Platform playbook.

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