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Senior Living Facilities Save Time And Increase Efficiency With ODIN MOBILE

Senior Living Facilities Save Time and Increase Efficiency with ODIN MOBILE

Two of the most critical areas that need improvement in most Senior Living facilities are time and efficiency. Advanced Wireless Communications has created the solution to help Senior Living facilities save time and increase efficiency with ODIN MOBILE, a single app available on your existing devices to manage your three most crucial tasks.

ODIN MOBILE is a powerful handheld solution for Senior Living facilities that runs on your existing wireless network and transforms how your staff works. The result is easy to use peer-to-peer communication, enhanced resident call light management, and improved EMR (Electronic Medical Records) tracking.

Implementing the ODIN MOBILE App in your facility will:

  • Allow you to mix and match devices to meet your communication needs across your campus. Mobile device to two-way radios to give maximum flexibility.
  • Overlay onto existing nurse call solutions to create a low cost all in one communications center.
  • Eliminate the frustrations caused by staff having to carry and use multiple devices such as a pager for call light alerts, a radio for peer-to-peer communication, and a mobile tablet for charting.
  • Improve resident care by taking the guesswork out of who or if someone responded to a call with verbal and/or visual confirmation of who is responding to the resident. Simple push to talk for peer to peer communication eliminates slow response or non-response based on assumptions.
  • Revolutionize the charting process with real-time updates in the hands of every staff member without the need for shared devices. This will ensure everyone knows what is happening with a resident the moment it happens, thus reducing missed information and errors caused by inaccurate or delayed charting.

According to Mike Snyder, VP of Senior Living with Advanced Wireless Communications, ODIN MOBILE is the ultimate device that will change the way staff are empowered to do their jobs. MOBILE delivers an innovative design and power that will allow staff to respond quicker, get assistance when needed and improve bottom-line results through real-time charting. MOBILE will help lighten the load on overstretched caregivers, helping reduce burn-out which leads to turn-over. Pressure today on caregivers is potentially at its highest point. MOBILE will lighten the load, one device instead of two-three, improve response time with real-time audible announcements and peer to peer communication.”

“We designed ODIN MOBILE to address what the market is begging for, which is truly one device that does it all. Senior living communities need innovations that help address staff shortages and the growing needs of our senior communities. AWC provides innovative solutions that just work,” Snyder continued. “AWC empowers senior living communities with robust yet cost effective solutions that their residents and staff can count on.”

Advanced Wireless Communications understands the unique needs of skilled, memory care, assisted, and independent living facilities when it comes to resident care. That’s why we offer a powerful line-up of senior living residential solutions that improve response times, productivity, safety and security, and quality of service and care. If you would like more information on ODIN MOBILE, ODIN CONNECT, ODIN CARE, ODIN PAGE 2 TALK, ODIN FAHRENHEIT, or any of our other services, please click here to contact us


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