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Advanced Wireless Communications understands the unique needs of skilled, memory care, assisted, and independent living facilities when it comes to resident care. We offer a powerful line-up of senior living residential solutions that improve response times, productivity, safety and security, and quality of service and care.


Senior living communities are facing a huge challenge. They need to ensure resident safety and deliver timely care all while balancing against the growing constraints of reimbursement rates, pressure from staffing shortages, and rising labor costs.

Advanced Wireless Communications​ ODIN Care is a wireless based platform that delivers budget friendly solutions tailored to address senior living community challenges.

  • Improved resident care and safety
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduced labor costs (OT)
  • Diminished daily chaos associated with limited communication and reporting
  • Enhanced staff satisfaction/retention by elimination of frustrations around redundant tasks and unbalanced workload
  • Empowered decision making with real-time information


ODIN Care delivers dependable technology that can be paired with two-way radios, smart phones, and other devices so staff can respond quickly to residents while remaining connected. It can be used as a stand alone system or integrated into existing call systems, extending the life of legacy systems without the high cost of completely replacing them.

Powerful integration provides for consolidation of systems into one unified communications platform. ODIN Care integrates seamlessly into environmental systems, like monitoring refrigeration temperature or boiler outages, fire alarm systems, wander and access control systems to provide a single, easy-to-use, communication platform.

Powerful dashboards, which can be accessed from any web browser, show daily activity, alarms, and system performance as it happens. Reporting can be custom tailored to each users’ preferences with automation that allows reports to be generated and sent directly to an inbox, making it even easier to stay updated on what is happening at a facility.


Improved Response Times

Improved Response Times

Instant notifications for alarms and assistance needed calls reduce resident wait times.

Optimal Quality of Care

Optimal Quality of Care

Staff can quickly communicate with one another to respond to calls, request additional assistance, ensuring residents receive care when it is needed the most.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Establishing a safe and secure environment allows residents to remain safe while also respecting their privacy and need for independence.

Increased Peace Of Mind

Increased Peace Of Mind

Residents and their families know that a caring staff member is just a call away.

Enhanced Quality Of Life

Enhanced Quality of Life

Create a quieter and more home-like environment for residents by reducing/ eliminating loud audible announcements and alarms that could cause distress for the residents. Alerts and notifications go directly to staff over output devices.


Advanced Wireless Communications​ ODIN Care platform delivers dependable comprehensive nurse call solutions that can be paired with two-way radios, smartphones, and other devices so you can respond quickly to residents’ calls while keeping staff connected. In addition, our ODIN Care Platform integrates with existing environmental, fire detection, and access control systems to provide a single, easy-to-use communication platform.

Female Nurse with MINI 4

ODIN Page 2 Talk overlays onto existing text message-based nurse call solutions and converts the text page into audible voice notifications over two-way radios or phone apps. This capability eliminates the confusion of pages and improves team productivity through real-time staff-to-staff communication.


ODIN CONNECT overlays onto existing legacy pull cord-based nurse call solutions and converts the resident pull cord light into audible voice notifications over two-way radios or phone apps. Delivers all the capabilities of ODIN Care (comprehensive nurse call solution) without the expense of ripping out and replacing the residence call stations.

COVID Solutions ODIN Fahrenheit Advanced Wireless Communications

ODIN Fahrenheit is an automated screening kiosk that replaces manual COVID-19 screening enhancing your safety screening procedures. ODIN Fahrenheit combines user-defined screening questions, automated badge printing, facial recognition, and thermal imaging for quick temperature checking into an easy-to-deploy kiosk that doesn’t need to be physically staffed. It eliminates the expense associated with manual screening and improves compliance tracking and overall facility safety.

ODIN Mobile: Take the ODIN Dashboard with you. Easily track and respond to resident calls. Communicate with staff, and track disposition at the point of service.


ODIN Android Push-To-Talk application turns cellphones into a traditional two-way radio. One-to-Many communication with unlimited channels. Can work with two-way radios using a radio gateway and over cellular/WiFi network.


ODIN Dwell uses motion detection to monitor for resident movement during user-defined time periods. Great for evenings when staff levels are typically lowest. If movement is detected an alert is sent to the caregivers working the floor.

Female nurse using ODIN Care Dashboard

ODIN Enterprise Reporting delivers roll-up corporate-wide reporting with the ability to bring information from multiple communities into a single user-defined reporting tool. View trends by: Corporate, Regions, Communities, and/or communities’ types (AL, Skilled, Memory, IL, etc).


Disposition Tracking at the point of resident call. Quickly capture each call light’s disposition. User-defined pick lists include bathing, meds, assistance dressing, toileting, and more as defined by what is needed.


ODIN Care Broadcast: Create tailored messages (text to voice or pre-recorded voice messages) that can be both real-time and/or scheduled to announce to team members. Ex: daily reminders, special events, tasks, promotional announcements, specific team meetings, resident care reminders (turning residents) and more.

Advanced Wireless Communications Sales Process

Everything is focused on you and your organization’s goals and objectives for success. We follow these six steps when onboarding new clients:

AWS-ODIN-horizontal sales process

The ​Advanced Wireless Communications​ ODIN Care Platform and its components deliver:

  • Scalability:​ start small and grow to incorporate your entire corporate enterprise.
  • Adaptability​: unique ability to integrate many diverse systems into a single common user experience.
  • Legacy Renewal​: overlays on top of existing legacy systems, updating them significantly at a fraction of the cost of a rip and replace.
  • Flexibility​: incorporates and expands feature functionality as you need it to support your organizations changing needs.
  • Intuitive Data To Action​: coverts multiple data inputs into logical workflows to streamline operations and productivity.
  • Simplicity in use​: powerful communications that provide crystal clear, powerful dashboards showing real-time activity and extensive intelligent reporting for informed decision making.
  • Durability​: built to endure day-to-day use.


Our customers using Advanced Wireless Communications products, systems and solutions are lowering their costs, becoming more agile, innovating faster and most importantly exponentially increasing response time and care for their patients.

South Dakota Senior Care Facility Installs Advanced Wireless Communications ODIN Page 2 Talk to Improve Response Times

Quick Turnaround Time for Installation of Advanced Wireless Communications ODIN Care for Minnesota Assisted Living Facility


“The radios have saved 10,000 steps, improved safety for the residents and staff, quieted the environment, and increased communication between staff tenfold.“

“I looked at the data on fall rates using Page 2 Talk with AWC radios and our fall rate decreased 30%.”

“Odin has worked exactly as advertised, I am especially happy with the self-programming feature’s functionality and ease of use.”


Can this support multiple buildings?

YES: ODIN Care resides on your local area network. All buildings at that campus will be connected and monitored by ODIN Care.

Can I integrate with Wander Control?

YES: AWC provides a comprehensive wander control solution that fully integrates with ODIN Care. Automated workflows announce and track all alerts/alarms.

Can I integrate with Access Control?

YES: AWC provides a comprehensive access control solution that fully integrates with ODIN Care. Automated workflows announce and track all alerts/alarms.

Can I enhance my Old Call Light Panel System without having to rip and replace everything?

YES: ODIN Connect brings live to legacy call lights solutions by overlaying on top of the existing call panels/lights and converting those lights into automated workflows, live dashboards, and power reporting.

We have pagers. Is there a way to replace the pagers and have one device like a two-way radio to streamline communication?

YES: ODIN Page 2 Talk (P2T) overlays on top of your current nurse call solution that uses pagers to signal resident calls. With P2T the pages are intercepted and converted into audible announcements over two-way radios, streamlining communication.

Can I integrate with Environmental Services, like monitoring refrigeration units, boilers, hot water heaters, and IT rooms?

YES: ODIN Care is a power solution that uses sensors and transmitters to monitor key systems for proper function. For example, if someone leaves a refrigerator door open, this could cause spoilage of food, ODIN will sense that open door and through automated workflows, call, email, text or announce via two-way radio the issue to a designated staff member.

Does it support Phone App?

YES: ODIN Care Phone App is an android based solution that will notify users of resident calls via an easy to use activity screen. In addition, with ODIN Push To Talk (PTT) this same unit will act as two-way radio.

Can I configure my dashboard to monitor alerts based on my role?

YES: ODIN Care allows each user to define what they want to see on the dashboard from the area of the facility (Assisted Living or Skilled Care units) down to the specific type of alerts your interested in seeing (Bedside vs Bathroom alerts)

Can I schedule reports to run automatically?

YES: Each user can define the type of reports they would like to run(extended waits,
activations, dispositions etc.) and schedule when the reports run and where the report will be delivered to.

Can I monitor movement during low staff hours at night and be alerted when movement is detected?

YES: ODIN Care’s DWELL allows users to scan for movement during user defined time periods and alert when movement is detected. Example: From 11:30pm to 5:30am monitor hallways for resident movement, if detected notify the caregiver for that area.


Senior Living Sales Team:

Mike Snyder

Vice President of Senior Living Sales
Direct – (952) 469-0176
Mobile – (952) 847-3232

Tammy Brunkow

Regional Sales Manager
Northern Region
Direct – (952) 469-0164
Mobile – (612) 282-5795

Darrell Sorenson

Regional Sales Manager
Midwest Region
Direct – (952) 469-0157
Mobile – (507) 363-2260


Regional Sales Manager
Eastern Region
Direct – (952) 469-0167

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