Senior Care Solutions

We understand the unique needs of skilled, memory care, assisted, and independent living facilities when it comes to resident care. Our powerful lineup of senior living residential solutions improves response times, staff productivity, resident safety and security, and quality of service and care.

  • Robust Communication Systems
  • Disposition Tracking Solutions
  • Push-to-Talk Technology
  • Enterprise Reporting Software
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Mobile Solutions

Our Solutions

Our robust solutions powered by The ONE Platform™ were designed with your unique needs in mind. Choose from a variety of senior living solutions ranging from call light management to fall detection that are sure to benefit your staff and residents.

  • Rugged smartphone with Android operating system
  • EHR (Electronic Health Record) for real-time charting
  • Activation dashboard for call light management
  • Easy push-to-talk button mimics two-way radio operation
  • Rugged smartphone with Android operating system
  • EHR (Electronic Health Record) for real-time charting
  • Activation dashboard for call light management
  • Easy push-to-talk button mimics two-way radio operation
  • Scales to grow as you go
  • Integrates to existing nurse call system
  • Announces pages to radios using text-to-speech

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South Dakota Senior Care Facility Installs ONE™ Renew to Improve Response Times

Our Process


Steps to help your business communicate effectively

Everything is focused on your organization’s goals and objectives for success.



This is our get-to-know-you meeting that offers both of our teams an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. 



In this visit, we focus on your objectives, key initiatives, needs, current system limitations, and business pain points. We meet with your key decision makers to identify opportunities where AWC can help you reach your goals.


Proof of Value

Once we’ve defined expectations, existing business challenges, and goals for improving productivity and bottom-line results, we present a detailed Statement of Work addressing next steps including design, deliverables, cost, contract requirements, timelines, and long-term ROI.


Go Live

Next, we take your customized solution and put it to the test with a rollout designed specifically for you and your industry by our expert in-house installation team.



Once we’ve proven it, we will work hard to maintain our relationship and ensure we continue to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Senior Living Resources

The ONE Platform™ Overview

Yes! ONE™ Enterprise resides on your local area network so all buildings at that campus will be connected and monitored by the ONE Enterprise solution.

Yes! With ONE™ Renew you can keep your current call light stations, saving you money. Incorporate those lights into The ONE Platform™ and the result will be a state-of-the-art nurse call system with verbal announcements of call requests, dashboards showing active calls, peer-to-peer communication, and powerful reporting to guide your operation.

Yes! ONE™ Renew can eliminate the challenges associated with pager-based nurse call solutions. Text messages are converted into audible announcements and played over smartphones (ONE™ Mobile) or two-way radios to: eliminate the need to carry multiple devices, streamline peer-to-peer communication, and ensure resident calls are being addressed in a timely manner.

Yes! ONE™ Temperature automatically monitors and logs information on your environmental systems so your staff can focus on resident care.

Yes! ONE™ Mobile is a combination of an all-in-one ruggedized Android smart device and software application that enhances your communication and operational efficiency. Teams can communicate with each other and keep tabs on your important systems too.

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