Reliable Radio Solutions for Distribution Centers

In today’s fast-paced world, distribution centers and logistics facilities are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operations and increase efficiency. One key aspect of these operations is communication, as it is critical for teams to stay connected and informed throughout the facility. This is where two-way radios come in as a reliable communication tool.

What Makes Two-Way Radios Reliable Communication Tools?

1. They Don’t Require a Cell Tower Signal

Distribution centers and logistics facilities often have large buildings or are located in areas with poor cell coverage, making it difficult for team members to stay connected using cell phones.

Walkie talkies function off of radio frequencies, which aren’t affected by cell tower coverage. This means that no matter where you are in the facility, you will be able to communicate with your team members using a two-way radio.

2. Communication is Instant

In a busy warehouse, it can be difficult to hear a phone ring or to get someone’s attention from a distance. Two-way radios, on the other hand, provide instant voice communication that can be heard clearly, even in noisy environments.

3. Two-Way Radios are Foolproof

Two-way radios are easy to use and require minimal training. Unlike cell phones or other communication devices that may require complex menus or settings, two-way radios are straightforward and intuitive, with only a few buttons and knobs.

4. They are Versatile

Two-way radios offer a level of convenience and flexibility that other communication devices do not. They are lightweight, portable, and can be worn on a belt or clipped onto clothing, making them easy to carry around the warehouse. Not only do they offer hands-free operation with headsets, which is particularly useful for team members who need to use both hands while communicating, but they can also be mounted in forklifts/MHEs and run off of the operating equipment’s power supply.

The Best Types of Radios for Warehouses

Digital Two-Way Radios

Digital two-way radios are typically more durable than your standard business radio. They are made to withstand an industrial environment, provide crisp and clear sound, and even meet rigorous MIL-SPEC standards.

Check out these digital two-way radios by Advanced Wireless Communications that are able to provide reliable coverage in large warehouses:


The AWR-D7000 digital two-way radio uses digital processing to allow for extended and improved range. This radio has a sturdy and durable alloy chassis with a high quality speaker that’s dustproof and waterproof. Its 4 watts of audio power make for louder and crisper sound so no matter how noisy your warehouse may be, communication won’t be interrupted.


The AWR-D7500 digital two-way radio features a 2.2 inch screen and full aluminum alloy chassis with shock and drop protection making it incredibly durable. This radio has extra bells and whistles like vibration alert, programmable keys, 1600 channels, and is even IP67 dustproof and waterproof.

Mobile Radios for Materials Handling Equipment (MHEs)

It can be extremely beneficial to have a mobile two-way radio installed directly into forklifts and other types of MHEs. You’ll never have to take them out to charge because they can be wired to run off of the operating equipment’s electrical system. It’s also easier and safer for the operator to access the radio that’s mounted right in front of them rather than looking and reaching for a standard radio that might be harder to access. 

A mobile radio like the AWR-DM7700 can be installed into forklifts/MHEs and utilizes DMR digital TDMA capabilities for increased capacity on a single channel. This radio has analog capabilities for legacy communications, and digital capabilities for extended feature sets demanded by today’s users.

Improve Communication in Your Warehouse

Two-way radios are a reliable and effective communication tool for distribution centers and logistics facilities. They offer clear, instant communication, aren’t affected by cell coverage or internet connection, and are easy to use, making them a practical choice for any warehouse looking to improve its communication capabilities.

To learn more about two-way radios from Advanced Wireless Communications, contact us here.

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