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Rising radio repair rates with their current vendor lead them to search for a new reseller but most lacked national customer service.

Advanced Wireless Communications offers nation wide best in class customer service and supplies the durable AWR Advantage™ two-way radio, which is a high quality product at the right price.

No repairs were needed in the first year after distribution of the AWR Advantage and labor costs were reduced by receiving preprogrammed radios.

A major office supply retailer was concerned about the continuous raising rates of their two-way radios and the repairs that were constantly needed. To combat this problem they searched for a reseller to work with their nation wide company to replace their current radios with a more durable and cost effective one. The company was pleased to learn that Advanced Wireless Communications offers nation wide customer service and that the AWR Advantage two-way radio was engineered from the ground up to eliminate common break and fail points.

By switching to the AWR Advantage they eliminated the need for repairs in their first year of ownership; saving them time, money, and resources. The AWR Advantage also reduced labor cost since the radios were delivered preprogrammed and didn’t need to be programmed at the store level over the phone.

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