AWC Receiving Door Solutions Increase Staff Efficiency

Quick Overview
Deliveries at receiving doors were being missed and loud buzzers/bells were disrupting customers.

Installing exterior call buttons at receiving doors to send voice alerts over AWR Advantage™ or TK-3230 two-way radios that are carried by in-store personnel.

Decreased missed deliveries, increased staff efficiency, and improved customer experience.

How the receiving door is handled at a retail store can have a direct effect on the profitability of a business. Scheduling people to only receive shipments can be a gamble. That 10am drop off time soon becomes 1pm and that is 3 hours of unproductive waiting. The other solution is to have staff out on the sales floor that will go to the receiving door once a shipment arrives. This solution requires a notification system, but buzzers and bells can be disruptive to customers and no alarms lead to missed deliveries. When deliveries are missed, merchandise is not available for sale and subsequently hurts the bottom line.

This was an issue for multiple retail locations. Each problem was slightly different, but the solution was the same. They installed an exterior call button at receiving doors that send voice alerts over AWR Advantage or TK-3230 two-way radios that are carried by in-store personnel. The new alert system allowed the staff to work in other areas of the store but be instantly notified over their two-way radios once a delivery arrived, improving staff efficiency. By using the two-way radios it also eliminates the disruptive buzzers and bells, therefore improving the overall customer experience.

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