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Quick Turn Around Time for Installation of AWC ODIN Care

Quick Overview
A new nurse call system was needed, and it needed to be installed as soon as possible.

The Advanced Wireless Communication team were on site in less than 3 days from request. They installed an AWC ODIN Care system to work in conjunction with their pre-existing nurse call stations and staff two-way radios.

Improved staff productivity with an enhance communication platform and provided real-time reporting to address future state requirements.

Nurse call systems are vital to making sure residents receive the care they need, when they need it. Every second matters and could mean the difference between life and death. So when a nurse call system fails, residents are at risk.

A Minnesota based assisted living facility experienced the hardship of a faulty nurse call system and were in need of a solution, fast. The Advanced Wireless Communications installation team was able to organize and be on site in less than 3 days to install an AWC ODIN Care system to ensure that patient care and safety were reestablished. The new system works with their preexisting call boxes and two-way radios to enhance staff communication and productivity while providing real-time reporting.

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