ResidentGuard™ LC 1200 System – 916569

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The ResidentGuard™ LC 1200 system by Accu-Tech is an ideal entry-level wander management solution for facilities seeking quick, cost-effective resident wandering protection.

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  • Stand-alone wander management solution
  • “Wander alarm” at specific door location
  • Wireless stagger tuning capabilities
  • Centralized alert panel
  • Dry contact nurse call integration
  • Turn tags on/off
  • Multiple resident “tag” options
  • Elopement prevention with optional door locking upon resident approach
  • Resident “escort” features


  • Notification of staff if residents try to leave the facility or wander into restricted areas
  • Protection against elopement and loitering
  • Low-interference 418 MHz frequency
  • Quick resident assignment
  • LED indicators on tags to show that they are active
  • Reduced costs due to long-life tags that can be turned on or off as necessary
  • Free 24-hour technical support
  • One-year, non-prorated warranty on all parts and services
  • Free on-site training and software updates