ONE™ Renew

Add more to you call system with ONE Renew. It is a simple integration solution to add more capability to your existing call system with the power of The ONE Platform™. With ONE Renew you can keep your current call light stations, saving you money. Incorporate those lights into The ONE Platform and the result will be a state-of-the-art nurse call system with verbal announcements of call requests, dashboards showing active calls, peer-to-peer communication, and powerful reporting to guide your operation.

Because ONE Renew is part of The ONE Platform family of solutions, any activations created can be used for reporting and notification to many of The ONE Platform output paths (radio, SMS, voice call, ONE™ Mobile, etc.)

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  • Scales to grow as you go
  • Integrates to existing nurse call system
  • Announces pages to radio using text-to-speech