ONE™ Integrator

ONE™ Integrator fully connects your external systems using a web-based application programming interface (API). Perfect for when you need real time notifications from your building control and IT systems. If part of any system has failed within your company, the ONE Integrator will notify the appropriate people so they can quickly resolve the issue.

Because it is part of The ONE Platform™ family of solutions, any activations created by ONE Integrator can be used for reporting and notifications to many of The ONE Platform outputs such as radio, SMS, voice call, and ONE™ Mobile.

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  • Simple API Integration
  • Instant automated messages to improve workflow and time management
  • Limitless integration with software and systems
  • Integrate Vital Systems:
    • Burglar Alarms
    • Fire Alarms Systems
    • Building Automation
    • Refrigeration Alerts
    • Facial Recognition Systems
    • Camera Systems