ONE™ Entry

ONE™ Entry is AWC’s entryway solution for premises tracking, temperature checking, entry screening questionnaires, and satisfaction surveys. It ensures that the people entering a premises meet entry requirements, and if they do not, it notifies staff to provide assistance.

Because ONE Entry is part of The ONE Platform™ family of solutions, any activations created can be used for reporting and notification to many of The ONE Platform output paths (radio, SMS, voice call, ONE™ Mobile, etc.)

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  • Can support one or more entryways at a location – all integrated
  • Wireless or wired network installation
  • Mobile app for easy screening and quick entry
  • Forehead temperature checking and alarming when above a certain threshold
  • Configurable health and entry screening questionnaires that can alarm when certain answers are given
  • Failed entry notifications can go to any of the ONE™ audio and visual outputs
  • Screening questions are read aloud
  • Premises check-in and out with tracking reports to show who is currently in the building
  • Printable entry badge
  • Audit reports for regulators to see that screenings have been conducted and people are being tracked for entry
  • Facial recognition or code-based entry