ONE™ Communic-Aid

We understand the critical importance of communication in operational efficiency and believe in giving all people the capacity to communicate based upon their own unique abilities. ONE™ Communic-Aid uses The ONE Platform™, our single source technology, to enhance communication and notification for hard of hearing (HOH) team members. It does this by seamlessly integrating many visual, sensory, and auditory devices for one-way and two-way communications to ensure that everyone is in the know at all times.

ONE Communic-Aid works with The ONE Platform™ family of solutions and numerous devices to enhance communications with text notification and vibration alerts over radio, audio notifications to radio integrated hearing loops, audio notifications to radio integrated Bluetooth hearing aids , and even speech-to-text-to-speech communication bridges via smart device.

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  • Text and vibration notification to radio
  • Radio integrated hearing loops
  • Radio integrated Bluetooth
  • Speech-To-Text-To-Speech communication bridges between HOH and non-HOH team members