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ODIN Care Wireless Nurse Call

ODIN Care wireless nurse call system by Advanced Wireless Communications blends software and hardware to create a wireless nurse call system that can be paired with call boxes, pendants, and other initiators that when activated sends notifications through numerous means, such as voice over two-way radios, emails, and text messages.

ODIN Care also provides a host of benefits such as discreet communications. Instead of loud audible announcements and alarms that could cause distress for the residents, alerts and notifications go directly to staff over output devices thus creating a quieter and home-like living environment.

Model Number: ODIN-WNC

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Radios, Pagers, and Other Input/Output Devices Not Included




  • Dashboard
  • Unlimited escalations
  • Unlimited initiators (RTU’s)
  • Multiple channel routing
  • Expandable
  • Modular design
  • Different configurations available to fit your needs


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