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We provide unique engineering and systems integration ingenuity. Advanced Wireless Communications is able to meet diverse customer requirements by continually expanding our product and service offerings.


Advanced Wireless Communications line of dependable, durable wireless solutions can assist in elevating your bottom line while easing day-to-day functionality for your business. By eliminating the need for rip and replace, many of the associated financial and operational difficulties are eradicated.


Advanced Wireless Communications offers a robust portfolio of best-in-class hardware and software solutions.


Take a look at some of Advanced Wireless Communications’ most recent product releases.

NCB 4100 (Nurse Call Box)

The next generation of nurse call boxes is here. The Advanced Wireless Communications AW-NCB4100(W) Nurse Call Box is a wireless transmitter that, when activated, initiates a preprogrammed alarm notification to a chosen output device such as a two-way radio, pager, and/or LED display (other output devices available) using ODIN Care™ Wireless Nurse Call Platform.

Key Features: Magnetic Bed Cord Breakaway, Multi-Functional Applications (Single Bed Cord, Dual Bed Cord, Pull Cord, Push Button, etc.), Easy-to-use Call Box Mounting Bracket, Multi-function LED, Resident Check-in Feature, Easy to Replace Battery (No Tools Required), Wireless Installation, Surface Mount Design, and Inovonics EchoStream Wireless Technology


Charge-All from Advanced Wireless Communications delivers an economical solution to charging your battery powered devices offering customizable charging cups to fit your exact needs. Now with a single charging station you are able to charge two-way radios, mobile phones, computers, power tools and much more. Charge-All is unlike any charging station, designed for maximum flexibility as new devices are introduced. Don’t deal with multiple chargers, simplify with Charge-All. Mix and match different devices with ease.

Key Features: Single Base, Six Unit Base, Cups, L2 Base, L5 Base, Large Cups (Scanners, Batteries, Smart Phones), Modular Adaptor, 4 Unit chargers – up to 20 radios with one charger, Mix and match technologies.

EN Repeater Housing

Advanced Wireless Communications EN Repeater Housing is an aesthetically pleasing labor saving answer to an organization’s repeating needs. This housing unit eliminates the aesthetic challenges of hanging power cords and awkward power transformers with everything neatly packaged into a streamlined case. The unit is designed to quickly and securely mount to any standard single electrical outlet, saving time and the expense of mounting traditional repeaters.

Key Features: Cleaner Package, Eliminates the separate transformer, Less Expensive – less wiring, Paves the way for self-installation.

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