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PAGE 2 TALK The All In One Communications Solution For Senior Living Communities

PAGE 2 TALK the All in One Communications Solution for Senior Living Communities

ODIN PAGE 2 TALK from Advanced Wireless Communications is transforming staff communication in Senior Living Facilities by providing real-time solutions to caregivers.

In a Senior Living Community the need for communication without limitations or extended response times is imperative. When residents need assistance a few lost seconds is much more than an inconvenience, it truly can be a matter of life or death. The PAGE 2 TALK system is a powerful solution designed specifically for these communities to eliminate the need for pager based resident call light response.

Benefits of the ODIN PAGE 2 TALK System include:

  • Improved productivity – When an alarm is activated, staff can communicate using two-way radios regarding who is responding to the alarm. This keeps numerous staff from responding to the same alarm all at once.
  • Quieter, less “institutional” environment – This reduces use of overhead paging making your facility feel more like a home and less like a hospital.
  • Improved safety and security –  When a staff member has responded to an alarm they can easily call for assistance while staying with the resident.
  • Faster response times – When an alarm is activated a staff member closest to the alarm can respond instead of the call having to be dispatched by someone at a centralized station.

PAGE 2 TALK is designed to overlay on top of existing nurse call solutions that rely on text messaging to alert staff of resident calls. Systems relying solely on text messaging limit the ability of staff to quickly communicate with one another about the details of a call for assistance such as who is taking the call, if other assistance is needed or what actions are being taken. Such systems also usually require staff members to carry two devices – a pager to receive notifications and a walkie to communicate with other staff. With PAGE 2 TALK, text messages are converted to audible announcements that can be broadcast across two-way radios or on phone-based apps. This will allow staff members to quickly communicate and resolve a call for help on a single device.

Investment savings are also a big plus with PAGE 2 TALK. According to Mike Snyder, VP Senior Living at Advanced Wireless Communications, “savings from investments in maintenance and upgrades for current Nurse Call solutions can be significant and, with Page 2 Talk, the overall capability of those existing care systems are improved dramatically. We designed ODIN Page 2 Talk to help organizations relieve staff frustrations, enhance team productivity, and extend the value of their existing technology.”

Snyder also explained, “Senior Living Communities need innovations that help address staff shortages and the growing needs of our senior communities. Advanced Wireless Communications provides innovative solutions that just work. AWC empowers senior living communities with robust, yet cost effective solutions that their residents and staff can count on.”

An AWC ODIN based system can help transform your care delivery with solutions for nurse call, resident fall detection, location, access & wander control, and real-time monitoring. To learn more call Mike Snyder at 952-469-0176 or email

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