Our Radio Just Got a Facelift

A Superior Two-Way Radio, Now More Powerful Than Ever

Here at Advanced Wireless Communications, we will be the first to admit it, the AWR Advantage™ two-way radio is our pride and joy. We thought it was worthy of a second look – queue the makeover – and a few other exciting tidbits such as this lookbook.

Customer State Of Mind

Thanks to our incredible customers providing feedback over the years, we gathered some similarities, with the biggest one pointing to overall value.

The AWR Advantage is superior to other radio brands when it comes to durability. Every element is designed to buffer shock. It’s not just the radio housing that’s resistant to bumps, knicks and drops, but other common breakpoints too such as the antenna, headset jack, holster, and volume knob. Rest assured, this radio was built to last so team members can keep communicating.

On top of durability, the AWR Advantage is prestigious in terms of range and sound. This two-way radio can reach further than most others. Its high quality speaker provides crystal clear, crisp sound and greater clarity over farther distances.

Lastly, customers enjoy the option to customize their radios. AWC offers a variety of faceplate colors to choose from so you can color code departments, along with the option to create a custom colored faceplate with a brand logo. 

Two-Way Radios Should Be Top Of Mind

We get it, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon in a retail world that’s quickly converting SasS (software as a service) communication platforms. But what happens when the system, cloud, or wi-fi connection fails, upgrades are neglected, and you can’t communicate with your team in a crisis situation?

This is why two-way radios are still so important today. To say they are outdated and irrelevant is completely incorrect. Why? When SasS technology fails, the radios will still work because they don’t rely on anything other than a radio signal and a battery.

A Two-Way Radio With A Twist

Now that we’ve explained the durability and reliability of the AWR Advantage two-way radio, it’s time to talk about what this puppy can really do. 

The AWR Advantage can integrate with ONE™ Sage, our new voice enabled virtual assistant that operates off The ONE Platform™. Enabling this option makes your radio as powerful as a computer with the touch of a button. And if the technology was to ever fail, you still have your trusty two-way radio to keep communicating with team members. It’s the best of both worlds.

Looks Aren’t Everything, But Features Are

Sure, we can agree it’s a pretty sleek radio, but the AWR Advantage is also jam packed with business grade features designed to streamline team communications and enhance the customer shopping experience. The AWR Advantage was built to last so you can focus on putting your customers first.

Program Your Channels With Unique Aliases

Wondering who is on channel 1? Same. That’s why this radio has up to 16 programmable channels that you can give a nickname to. The purpose of this is to eliminate as much noise as possible, and only hear from departments pertaining to you. The best part is that AWC will do the programming for you so your radios are ready to work the second they come out of the box.

What’s The Deal With DTMF Encoding?

DTMF Encoding is a standard feature of the AWR Advantage two-way radio. We added this feature so your radio can do more than just push-to-talk. DTMF Encoding allows you to initiate alarms, make phone calls, and open/close doors and gates. The two-way radio can also integrate with the AWC Telephone Interconnect™, a solution that allows you to communicate via radio with a person calling from a phone.

Why Bluetooth Might Be The Best Choice For You

If you’re looking to make the switch from a traditional headset, a Bluetooth option is the way to go. Our new Advantage BLU offers the same features and benefits of the AWR Advantage but with Bluetooth capabilities. You can go completely wireless and pair it with our headset partner AfterShokz™ bone conduction headset with a noise canceling boom microphone.

What makes the AWR Advantage two-way radio the best?

AWC’s two-way radios are superior to any other radio on the market not just because of its stand out features, but also because of the lasting impression they have on customers. The AWR Advantage two-way radio is our pride and joy. Why? Because it’s one of the most affordable and durable two-way radios available on the market today. It’s packed with features designed to help businesses run more efficiently, and it has a sleek design with customizable faceplates to showcase company logos and brand colors. Above all though, the AWR Advantage brings peace of mind to those who use it. Download the lookbook here to discover more features of the AWR Advantage two-way radio.

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