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Advanced Wireless Communications​ recognizes the challenges facing retailers today. We offer an extensive suite of tools to increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and reduce overall shrink. We work closely with our customers to meet their needs, improve performance and grow financial results.

  • Increase Sales
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Reduce Shrink
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Enhance Shopping Experience
  • Increase LTV of Customer


The ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform is a Data to Action Platform (D2A.) The platform is capable of receiving notifications (data) from various inputs in stores, then processing a set of predefined rules which in turn creates the appropriate notification (Action) to the designated associates in the store.

Sometimes this is best understood by an example such as this: A help button is pressed by a customer. ODIN receives the notification (data) which triggers the rules engine and subsequently notifies the appropriate store associate to respond (action.) All this happens virtually instantaneously. The result is better customer service which improves sales AND builds customer loyalty and the life-time value (LTV) of the customer.

The ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform easily integrates with other systems in your stores, such as alarm systems and refrigeration systems, to easily allow those systems to create an action. For example, if a refrigeration system exceeds its normal operating parameters, ODIN can generate a notification to the MOD. This is another example of a D2A event.

One of the most useful features of ODIN is its ability to generate reports that can measure things like the time it takes to respond to various events in the store. The reports can be predefined or generated on the fly. They can be separated by the store, district, region or corporate wide and can be automatically distributed to the appropriate personnel. These reports allow managers at all levels to take action to improve operations.


Dwell: Senses excessive dwell times and alerts store associates to respond.

Help Buttons: Enables customers to request assistance for locked cases, unstaffed counters and with merchandise that is hard to reach or too heavy to handle.


Task Management: Automatically notifies store associates that it is time to perform a certain task such as check the restroom for cleanliness.


Curbside Pickup: Provides instant communication between customer and store associates to easily facilitate the delivery of merchandise to the customer while they remain in their car.


Late Night Entry: For stores operating during late night hours or 24/7, a message is played when a customer enters the store, “ Welcome and enjoy your shopping experience.”


Critical Event Notification: Enable the ability to broadcast an event such as a severe weather alert or an ORC event to all stores or a designated group of stores.


Fitting Room Monitoring: When fitting rooms are not staffed, the system will detect when someone enters the fitting room cluster and allows store personnel to assist the customer or simply monitor the fitting rooms.


Receiving Door Notifications: The MOD receives notifications when the receiving door is opened during unscheduled times.

Advanced Wireless Communications Sales Process

Everything is focused on you and your organization’s goals and objectives for success. We follow these five steps when onboarding new clients:

AWS-ODIN-horizontal sales process


Ultimate Power Tool

Ultimate Power Tool

The ODIN Retail Enterprise from Advanced Wireless Communications is a rare breed in the world of communication technology. It’s an innovative, enterprise platform that transforms data into action delivering a broad range of innovative solutions.



Advanced Wireless Communications built the ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform using the most robust and proven technologies on the market today . Unlike most systems available today, this platform is a non-proprietary open platform that utilizes open source software development tools. From a retailer’s perspective, the advantage of having an open source platform is that it easily enables third party software vendors to integrate with the system.

Data to Action (D2A)

Data to Action (D2A)

The power of ODIN is in its rules-based processing capabilities. ODIN can receive data from any source, apply its predefined rules engine, create the appropriate action and measure the results.

When you work with Advanced Wireless Communications you will find that the ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform is the most comprehensive platform available on the market today.


Scalability: Start with one or two solutions and expand over time as the needs of your operations grow.


Integration: Easily integrates into many existing systems in your stores to further advance the ROI of the system.


Customization: We have a team of hardware and software engineers that can customize your systems to meet specific needs.


Reporting: Highly flexible reporting engine that gives you the data that you need.


Durability: The ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform easily lasts 10+ years in your stores.


Affordability: The ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform is much more affordable than subscription based solutions. Odin has a one-time cost and then just annual support and maintenance fees.


Click the video to learn more about how ODIN can fix your communication challenges.


Our customers using Advanced Wireless Communications products, systems and solutions are lowering their costs, becoming more agile, and innovating faster.

National Home Goods Retailer Installs ODIN Retail Enterprise Platform to Fight Shrink.


“We had a great experience working with Advanced Wireless Communications. The installation and the sales team stayed with the store until the employees were comfortable using the equipment. They also continuously checked in with the stores after the installation.”

“As a retail company, communication is essential. Sometimes, delay in communication could lead to lost business or even a safety issue. We are able to have confidence in our radios to have clear communication without any outside interference.

The team at Advanced Wireless has been a great partner with Pike Nurseries. We appreciate the efficiency in repairing any radios that have been damaged, as well as the attention to detail with suggesting new options for our stores.”

“The failure rate is basically zero, which is exactly why we went with you.”

Director of Store Operations, National Office Supply Retailer


When we say “Best in Class Customer Service” we mean every word. Each customer that we work with is assigned to a National Account Manager and an Inside Sales Manager. When a customer begins a trial with us, we assign a Client Success manager whose sole purpose is to make sure that trial runs smoothly and efficiently.

Advanced Wireless Communications employs a team of technical support personnel who are always available to take your call 24/7. The team has deep technical know-how on all of our solutions. We also have our own dedicated repair center for radios and call boxes so that repairs and service are handled smoothly and efficiently. Advanced Wireless Communications also offers an “Advance Ship and Replace” option for customers who do not want to experience any down time on their system.



Where is the Push-To-Talk located on the AWR Advantage radios?

When looking at the unit, it is on the top left corner of the device. It has 2 squares on it, directly left of the antenna.

How many channels can the AWR radios have? (Mini, Advantage, and 8000)


Can I copy one radio program to another, or do I have to send it in to service?

Yes, you can wirelessly “clone” multiple radios at the same time.

Can I use your radios with my existing radios?

Yes.  The existing radios and our radios just need to be programmed to the same frequencies. 

Do the call boxes operate on the store Wi-Fi?

No, the call boxes operate on a separate system wireless network.

Do the radios require a license?

Yes, Advanced Wireless Communications will coordinate this for you.

Will the radios communicate throughout my 100,000 square foot store?

Yes, however, additional equipment such as a repeater will be necessary.

Do radios work when the power is out?

Yes, the radio works on battery power.  As long as the battery is charged you will be able to communicate to other radios on the same frequency.  


Is the ODIN compatible with any radio unit, digital and analog?


Can the ODIN integrate with smartphone devices that we already have?


Will the ODIN integrate with our team’s API and/or email?


Are there limits to the number of ODINs that can be added to an enterprise?

No, there is no limit to the number of ODINs that can be deployed to a retail enterprise.

What type of alerts can ODIN send me?

Depending on how you want it programmed, ODIN can send alerts via radio, email phone or via SMS text.

Do I need an ODIN to use your callboxes?

Some callboxes such as the micro callbox with blade do require ODIN.  Our Indoor/Outdoor UHF Callboxes do not.

Will Odin provide reporting by store, district, and division?

Yes, ODIN supports enterprise reporting.

Does ODIN provide reports with data from callbox usage?

Yes, with ODIN Dashboard you can pull reports Ad-Hoc or schedule a report (daily, weekly, monthly).

Can you move a callbox to a different department?

Yes, you will have to provide serial # information of the callbox you’d like to move and rename.  Most of our callboxes are wireless and can be moved throughout a location and completely customizable.

Can you adjust the volume on the alerts or messaging from ODIN?

Yes, all alerts and messaging from ODIN to any output devices is completely customizable.


How many Mini-series radios can I fit in one of the Charge- Alls?


What is the difference between the L2 and the L5 Charge-All?

The numeral  refers to the number of large cups each can hold.  The L2 accommodates 2 large cups and the L5 holds 5 large cups. 

What is the difference between the Charge-All and the 6-gang charger I already use?

Your existing charger will only work for the model(s) it was designed for.  Charge-All has multiple cups that fit many types of devices.  Depending on which devices you have, Charge-All can be customized to charge all of them simultaneously.

Can you re-configure a Charge-All?

Yes, that is the beauty of the solution.  It can be modified as your equipment needs change. 

Can I charge my Zebra device with the trigger still on?

Yes, you may.  The L2  charges a maximum of 4 Zebra devices and the L5 charges  a maximum of 10.

Can my Zebra Device Charge in the Charge-All?

Yes, currently the TC5X and TC7X series can charge in the Charge-All.  More devices are being added regularly.

Will the Charge-All system charge radios and scanners in the same base unit?

Yes, the base will charge radios and scanners configured with the correct charging cup inserts.




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