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For over 25 years, Advanced Wireless Communications has provided high quality two-way radio communication and wireless solutions to a variety of businesses and educational facilities. We design and manufacture a full line of products including ODIN which is a Data-To-Action (D2A) hardware and software product platform.

Advanced Wireless Communications has extensive experience in serving:

  • K-12 Education
  • College and Universities
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Business & Industry

Please contact us to arrange a complimentary site visit to determine the best wireless solution for you.

Two-way Radios and Accessories

Two-way Radios and Accessories

Advanced Wireless Communications provides a full lineup of durable radios and radio accessories, well suited for business and education customers.

Call Boxes

Call Boxes

Enable instant communications with an access control Call Box from Advanced Wireless Communications. With the push of a button, our Call Box provides a fast and efficient communication option to the radio-equipped personnel in your facility.

ODIN Page 2 Talk

ODIN Page 2 Talk

ODIN Page 2 Talk overlays onto existing text message-based nurse call solutions and converts the text page into audible voice notifications over two-way radios or phone apps. This capability eliminates the confusion of pages and improves team productivity through real-time staff-to-staff communication. 

Repeater Systems

Repeater Systems

Repeaters extend radio coverage for greater range of portable two-way radios and other devices using radio frequencies. Perfect to use in senior living communities, hospitality, manufacturing, schools, and other “hard to cover” areas.

Covid-19 Solutions

Covid-19 Solutions

Advanced Wireless Communications offers COVID-19 products such as curbside pick-up solutions and thermal cameras that can measure each individual’s temperature to ensure that the individual’s temperature is normal and they do not pose a risk to others.

Security Systems

Security Systems

Access Control, Door Control, and Parking Garage Help Buttons are just a few ways Advanced Wireless Communications can make your facility safer and more secure. Know who is coming and going after regular hours with door access control solutions. With one push of a button your residents can notify staff when they need help while in the parking garage.

Total System Integration

Advanced Wireless Communications works with customers to provide the best wireless solutions at the most cost-effective price. With our engineering and project managers, we can build solutions that best fit your specific needs, not just an out-of-the-box solution. We can also integrate with your current wired equipment to bring you the benefits of wireless without throwing out your current equipment, no rip and replace.





Our customers using Advanced Wireless Communications products, systems, and solutions are lowering their costs, becoming more agile, and innovating faster.


“I would always recommend Advanced Wireless Communications. There’s lots of communications companies. There’s lots of walkie talkie companies. Who do you go to? Well, you go to the company you know that’s going to own the problem and that’s why I reached out to them. They’re not selling you a product, they’re selling you the solution.”

Harry Brand, Owner of Harry’s Scratch Kitchen, Lakeville, MN


How do we purchase radios?

Based on the needs of your organization, Advanced Wireless Communications has the expertise to create the best solution possible from choosing a pair of radios to outfitting a large campus. 

Will the radios work in my environment?

Experienced Advanced Wireless Communications technicians can visit your location to ensure a radio system will provide reliable coverage.

How long does the purchase process take?

Depending on the radio system most can be delivered in a few days. 

What if I need radio service?

Advanced Radio has an in-house repair depot with quick turnaround times.

How long will a portable radio battery last?

The daily talk time also varies depending on use, but it should be able to get 8 hours of talk time. The average battery life span will last two to three years. 

What are channels used for?

Channels are used to send the actual communications. Each channel in an analog radio is tied to a particular frequency. You can assign a different channel to separate workgroups within your organization. This way each workgroup can have their own channel to reduce disruptions to other departments.

How far can our hand held radios communicate?

The distance a hand-held radio can communicate depends on several factors. The most important factors for you to consider are band (VHF or UHF), wattage, antenna type, and environment.

How many radios can be used together?

There is no limit to the number of radios that can be used.

Will Advanced Wireless Communications radios work with other brands of radios?

Yes, provided the other radios are programmed to the same frequency and codes. Please contact AWC for assistance. 

What is a FCC License?

The airwaves are limited resources that need to be shared. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigns frequencies to prevent too many people from using the same channels at the same time. An FCC license grants your organization permission to operate on specific frequencies, within a particular radio band, using a specific type of radio signal emission. Advanced Wireless Communications can process the FCC license application for you.

Is a FCC License required?

Yes, FCC licenses are required for most business radio frequencies. The biggest advantage of licensing your frequencies is exclusivity. Using common or default frequencies often means dealing with interference from others nearby who are using the same frequencies. Contact AWC at (800) 475-5852 for FCC licensing.


Minnesota Business & Education Sales Team:

Louis Murguia

Director of Business Development
Direct – (952) 469-0175
Mobile – (224) 500.6693


Local Sales Account Manager
Direct – (952) 469-0178
Mobile – (763) 280-1875

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