We have over 25 years of providing high quality communication and wireless solutions to a variety of businesses and educational facilities. From radios to robust safety and security systems, our extensive suite of products and solutions will improve communication, safety, and efficiency.

  • Robust Communication Systems
  • Two-Way Radios and Accessories
  • School Safety and Security
  • Extended Radio Coverage
  • System Integration Capabilities
  • Push-to-Talk and Mobile

Our Solutions

We understand that communication needs are not one-size-fits-all. Choose from a variety of products and solutions ranging from two-way radios to comprehensive communication solutions, or have our experienced design engineers build a solution that will best fit the needs of your business.

Two-Way Radios

  • A powerful lineup of analog and digital radios
  • Full line of radio accessories
  • Reliable coverage throughout large buildings

Radio Coverage
for Large Buildings

Having reliable radio coverage throughout large buildings such as schools and government facilities is critical to safety and being able to communicate efficiently. Our experienced design engineers can create a design that assures full coverage while minimizing infrastructure costs.

Integration with
Other Systems

Radios can be integrated to automatically receive critical notifications from other systems. The ONE Platform™ can integrate with fire, security, temperature, and sorting systems to transmit time-sensitive notifications directly to radios.

  • Seamless installation on refrigeration units and grab-and-go warmers
  • High and low temperature alarming
  • Automatic temperature logging and reporting

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Our Process


Steps to help your business communicate effectively

Everything is focused on your organization’s goals and objectives for success.



This is our get-to-know-you meeting that offers both of our teams an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. 



In this visit, we focus on your objectives, key initiatives, needs, current system limitations, and business pain points. We meet with your key decision makers to identify opportunities where AWC can help you reach your goals.


Proof of Value

Once we’ve defined expectations, existing business challenges, and goals for improving productivity and bottom-line results, we present a detailed Statement of Work addressing next steps including design, deliverables, cost, contract requirements, timelines, and long-term ROI.


Go Live

Next, we take your customized solution and put it to the test with a rollout designed specifically for you and your industry by our expert in-house installation team.



Once we’ve proven it, we will work hard to maintain our relationship and ensure we continue to achieve your short and long-term goals.


Yes! The existing radios and our radios just need to be programmed to the same frequencies.

Based on the needs of your organization, Advanced Wireless Communications has the expertise to create the best solution possible from choosing a pair of radios to outfitting a large campus.

Yes! You can fully connect your external systems with the ONE™ Integrator using a web-based application programming interface (API). ONE Integrator works with vital systems like door alarms, fire alarm systems, building automation, refrigeration alerts, facial recognition systems, and camera systems.

The distance a two-way radio can communicate depends on several factors. The most important factors for you to consider are band (VHF or UHF), wattage, antenna type, and environment.

Yes, FCC licenses are required for most business radio frequencies. The biggest advantage of licensing your frequencies is exclusivity. Using common or default frequencies often means dealing with interference from others nearby who are using the same frequencies. Contact AWC at (800) 475-5852 for FCC licensing.

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