AWC Call Boxes Improve the Retail Customer Experience

Quick Overview
Locked cases can cause customer frustration and walkouts, leading to lost sales and decreased customer satisfaction.

Installing AWC Call Boxes near locked cases to alert staff with voice notifications on AWR Advantage™ two-way radios when activated by a customer requiring assistance.

In less than 6 months the addition of AWC UHF Call Boxes and AWR Advantage two-way radios paid for itself by increasing customer conversion and decreased walkouts.

Shoplifters are everywhere and safety measures within a store can do wonders for preserving profits, but can these extra security measures deter customers from the final sale? While locked cases and displays are great for protecting valuable items from potential shoplifters they can also frustrate legitimate buyers. For most customers, looking at a product, reading the product information, and browsing are all important in their decision-making process. Locked displays have the disadvantage that it may reduce sales because customers are required to obtain assistance before they can purchase the product.

To combat this problem a large west coast grocer installed AWC UHF Call Boxes near locked cases for customers to easily request assistance without having to leave the location to find an employee or for employees to have to continuously monitor the display. Once the call box button is pressed, the staff is instantly notified over their AWR Advantage two-way radios that a customer is requesting assistance at a certain location. An employee can promptly help the customer, thus improving response times and increasing sales. This application works well for a variety of high-price-in-proportion-to-their-size; such as Tide Pods, razors, infant formula, liquor, allergy medication, and cosmetics.

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