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Loss Prevention

Shrink reduction is an ongoing challenge that many retailers face. ORC activity is at an all-time high, yet retailers must control payroll expenses to ensure healthy bottom line performance. Deploying new loss prevention technologies can help meet both objectives and AWC offers many proven solutions:


Motion Detection


Our motion detection technology can detect when a potential shoplifter enters a department and will immediately notify a store associate to respond to the notification subsequently deterring a potential shoplifting event.


Our Perimeter Monitoring technology will notify store management when unauthorized events around the store perimeter take place. For example, a receiving door could be opened by a dishonest employee during non-receiving hours. In this example, a member of store management will be immediately notified and can subsequently thwart the event.


Stores are often thinly staffed during late night hours of operation. This can often be an invitation for potential shoplifters to enter the store and attempt to steal merchandise. Our Late-Night Notification technology will deter the event by enabling an announcement such as “welcome to our store” to be played over the PA system. This will put the shoplifter on notice that their presence in the store has been detected.



Certain product categories with high price points and small footprints need to be put under lock and key to prevent wide-spread theft. Although this method is effective in reducing shrink, it also has a negative impact on top line sales. This sales reduction can be offset be installing wireless help buttons that enable a customer to request assistance at locked cases thereby recouping potential lost sales.

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Stores managers are busy keeping customers happy and YOY sales growing. Yet their busy schedules don’t always allow for validation that various systems, from refrigeration to fire detection are functioning properly. Our technology will integrate with most any store system and provide timely notifications when a system exceeds its normal operating parameters. This just in time notification can prevent major system failures and excessive losses from happening.

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