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Perimeter Monitoring

Each door from an employee entrance to receiving doors can provide a gateway to internal theft. Yet you want to maintain accessibility for specific employees and of course for customers. Utilizing technology, store managers can always know the status of all entries to the store and be notified when a door opening occurs.


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Our Perimeter Monitoring technology will notify store management when unauthorized events around the store perimeter take place. For example, a receiving door could be opened by a dishonest employee during non-receiving hours. In this example, a member of store management will be immediately notified and can subsequently thwart the event.

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Many time store employees are required to arrive for work in the early morning hours before the store opens to stock shelves and set-up displays. Yet in some instances, the employees are unable to notify store management that they have arrived at the store for work. Our Employee Notification solution enables employees to notify store managers of their arrival with a simple press of a discreetly located button. This solution subsequently sends a notification over two way radios for the MOD to let employees in. This solution is particularly helpful in cold weather environments.

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Stores are often thinly staffed during late night hours of operation. This can often be an invitation for potential shoplifters to enter the store and attempt to steal merchandise. Our Late-Night Notification technology will deter the event by enabling an announcement such as “welcome to our store” to be played over the PA system. This will put the shoplifter on notice that their presence in the store has been detected.

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Know when a delivery has arrived when not staffing the back-room by utilizing a help button or a two-way call box so when the delivery person arrives they push a button for assistance. With a help button a message would be played for employees to hear – “delivery at back door”. With a two-way call box your employees can have a discussion with the delivery person before safely opening the door.

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