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Fitting Rooms

The fitting room is the highest point of conversion for apparel retailers. Yet the cost of labor to properly staff the fitting is a growing concern for many retailers. Using technology can assist in optimizing the customer experience and help re-deploy team members to other areas/departments during slow periods. Our solutions offer a variety of ways to ensure the right customer experience while controlling costs.


Motion Detection Icon


Our motion detection technology can detect when a guest enters the fitting room cluster or a specific fitting room and will notify a store associate that the fitting room is occupied. The associate can help facilitate a sale and increase the ticket size or deter a potential shoplifting event from taking place.

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A simple push of a help button can activate a message to your team members that a guest needs assistance in a specific fitting room. The team member can respond to the request for help, assist in finding the right size, color, and matching garments hence converting the fitting room event into a higher ticket sale.

Utilizing the ODIN Retail Enterprise platform, the retailer can receive see daily reports on fitting room utilization, help requests and average response times. This data can be sorted by district, region or chain-wide and used to further train your team members and ultimately increase conversions.

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Nothing hinders the fitting room experience more than a dirty fitting room cluttered with hangers, clothing tags or even garments. To ensure fitting rooms are checked and cleaned on a timely basis, a task management solution will notify store associates that the fitting rooms need attention. Each fitting room check will be recorded with a task management button. The button push will be recorded and subsequently used to generate compliance reports. Cleaner fitting rooms will drive increased conversions and ticket size.

Integrate with your existing fitting room system to be able to send voice or text notifications to team members during low use times so that they can work in other areas of the store while still assisting with fitting rooms.

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