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Team Productivity

Advanced Wireless provides state-of-the art wireless communications systems that is not only non-invasive and portable, but also expands staff effectiveness, team productivity and record-keeping capabilities.

It helps to improve productivity and even adjust staffing based on the amount of calls and the time those calls are being made.


Two-Way Radios Icon


Optimize staff time with two-way communication. Save time by hearing voice notifications instead of reaching in a pocket to pull out a pager to read when an alert comes in. One simple push of a button connects your team together so everyone can more effectively communicate saving steps and increasing productivity.

Staff Accountability


ODIN Care increases staff accountability with real-time alert tracking and reporting.

Reports Icon


The system administrator can access data and create a variety of reports, including average response times by floor/household, response times by shift and response times over a specific period of time. It also can record response times for a specific call device. This is a valuable feature in the event a resident or resident family member questions the amount of time a resident had to wait for assistance.

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