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Resident Care

Advanced Wireless understands the unique needs of skilled and assisted living facilities when it comes to resident care. We offer a powerful line-up of wireless products designed to increase resident security and allow residents, care givers, and administrators to communicate faster and more effectively.

ODIN Care™ wireless nurse call system provides a host of benefits such as discreet communications. Instead of loud audible announcements and alarms that could cause distress for the residents, alerts and notifications go directly to staff over output devices such as two-way radios, cell phones, and email thus creating a quieter and home-like living environment.


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When a resident calls for help, the staff is instantly notified via output devices such as two-way radios, dashboard, LED signs, and corridor lights. With one-to-many communications the team can quickly communicate with each other so only one person responds to a call or a team member can call for additional assistance if needed.

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By using wired or Bluetooth headsets in conjunction with two-way radios and/or smartphones, overhead paging can be greatly reduced or eliminated, thus creating a more home-like environment for residents.

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Improve resident safety by requiring the residents to press a check-in button at a certain time, such as before 10am, to notify the nurses station that they are up, doing ok, and do not need assistance. If the button isn’t pushed by the dedicated time a notification would be sent to the staff via two-way radios, pagers, dashboard, or by other means, allowing a nurse to go check on the resident immediately.

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Set recurring notifications to be sent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or any other customized schedule. Perfect for routine resident checks and employee reminders.

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The system administrator can access data and create a variety of reports, including average response times by floor/household, response times by shift, and response times over a specific period of time. It also can record response times for a specific call device. This is a valuable feature in the event a resident or resident family member questions the amount of time a resident had to wait for assistance. It is also a great tool to use for training and staff improvement.

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