AWC Call Boxes Improve Safety and Customer Conversion

Quick Overview
Customers were having to track down store associates for assistance with overstock or hard-to-handle product. This was affecting customer conversion and creating potential liability for the retailer when shoppers attempted to reach and handle these goods themselves.

Installing signage and AWC Micro Call Boxes that send alerts to AWR Advantage™ two-way radios carried by in-store personnel.

Within 30 days, the actionable data pulled from the AWC’s reporting tool showed a 20% improvement in response times to customer requests. This reduction in wait times and additional face time with customers has led to up-sell opportunities, creating a five-month payback and increased customer satisfaction.

A large home décor retailer was striving to balance its self-serve model with deep product assortment and merchandising strategies. Consumers shopping at their stores have the expectation to touch and compare hundreds of options in order to put together entire rooms. To do this often requires help from store associates, who may be helping other customers in the next department. This retailer wanted their customers to spend their time enjoying the experience of finding the perfect combination of unique products rather than spending their time finding an associate to help them.

The solution was to position AWC Micro Call Boxes at strategic points along the customers’ path throughout the store. Customer assistance requests transmit immediately to AWR Advantage two-way radios that are carried by in-store personnel, who then coordinate to eliminate traveling long distances to help customers. This solution is strengthening this retailer’s store safety protocols, enhancing their customers’ in-store experience, capturing lost sales for hard-to-reach products, and improving average transaction value.

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