AWC Radios Improve Response Times and Customer Satisfaction

Quick Overview
Extended wait times during the customers’ product selection process leading to lost opportunities and customer frustration.

Implementing use of AWR Advantage™ two-way radios by MODs and store runners.

Faster response to style and size requests, higher customer conversion and satisfaction.

It’s a fierce race between athleisure brands to attract consumers and to maintain their loyalty. More and more retailers are launching their own brands to grab a share of this growing market—a category expected to reach $83 billion by 2020 (CNBC). This is an assisted sale challenge. Customers often expect advice and education to make the correct selection for specific activities. The customers’ expectation for on-demand product sizes, colors, and styles creates the need to use runners to and from back rooms and remote storage areas. Extended wait times while the store associate leaves the customer to search for product leads to customer frustration, loss of consumer confidence, and abandonment of sale. The difference in customer satisfaction level can be measured in those moments it takes to respond to their requests.

A global athleisure retailer wanted to provide their stores the means to stay with their potential customers throughout the selection process in order to improve conversion rates and basket size. The solution was to outfit their Managers on Duty and Runners with AWR Advantage two-way radios. This allows their team to continuously communicate, keeping associates on the sales floor, optimizing the runners’ time, and providing their customers with the consultative selling they expect. Implementing AWR Advantage two-way radios has improved staff efficiency and helped stores meet their sales goals.

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