How to Level Up the Retail Experience

Is Five-Star Customer Service Easier Said than Done?

You may think in a world of self checkouts and store phone apps that most retail customers are self-sufficient and want to be left alone, but the reality is there’s still shoppers who value (and need) face-to-face customer service.

According to TechJury, “Customer experience (CX) has become the thing that drives business growth and increases business revenue. Customers today expect an excellent brand experience regardless of the channel used.”

It’s clear that stellar customer service is still expected by shoppers today. Is your store delivering on this expectation?

The Problem with Customer Service in Retail Stores

The retail industry has a long history of frequent staff turnover and lack of efficient technology resources. Mix in decisions being made at the corporate level advising to cut hours and you have the perfect storm resulting in an understaffed sales floor, overwhelmed employees, and upset customers.

It’s apparent that a well-staffed sales floor is a contributing factor to five-star customer service. Keep reading to find out how to level up the retail experience and improve operational efficiencies that will keep your staff cool, calm and collected, no matter what is thrown their way.

Create Efficiencies that Benefit Retail Staff and Guests

Team members can’t always be everywhere when guests need them most. It’s important to have ways for your guests to request assistance and save them the time and frustration associated with finding a team member to help them.

Use The ONE Platform™ Solutions to Connect Guests and Staff

The ONE Platform by Advanced Wireless Communications is the only fully integrable platform that connects all communication operations. It’s a state-of-the-art system that can be a single-to-several solution. ONE™ is capable of aggregating multiple data streams and weaving them into your operations where you need them, how you need them, and for whom you need it.

What is ONE™ Assist?

ONE Assist is a simple way to step up your customer service game in any retail store. It allows you to choose from several ways for guests to request help throughout the store. Your team members will be notified over two-way radios, SMS text, email, and other preferred devices.

This diagram gives a bird’s eye view of what solutions (inputs) can be installed throughout different areas of your store and how your team is notified when an input is activated by a customer.

ONE™ Assist input and output options

Wireless Help Buttons

Wireless help buttons can be strategically placed throughout your store for guests to request assistance. Help buttons are by far the easiest solution to install and operate. Because of their wireless design, they can be moved virtually anywhere so they are getting used where help is needed the most at any given time.

Retailers find the wireless help buttons most useful in hard to reach and heavy to handle areas, fitting rooms, locked merchandise cases, and other areas where a guest may need assistance. When a guest pushes the help button, team members are immediately notified of the location where help is being requested. It’s a win-win solution for both your team and guests.

Dwell Sensors

Excessive dwell times can be a sign of your guests needing assistance. With dwell sensors, team members will be notified when a shopper is in a specific location for a certain amount of time, allowing them to help the guest before they even ask.

Dwell sensors also serve as an efficient way to monitor known shoplifted areas of your store. Team members can go about their normal tasks and only have to pass through that area when notified to deter the potential shoplifter.

Call Boxes

Call boxes work in a similar nature to wireless help buttons, only they allow the guests to communicate with a staff member through it rather than face-to-face. The staff member is able to communicate back via two-way radio or smartphone. 

This solution is also a great time saver for curbside pickup processes because the customer can tell a team member their name/order information through the call box versus the team member having to walk in and out multiple times.

Track Your Customer Experience Success

How do you know what’s working and not working for customers that walk into your store? By tracking it of course! Since ONE Assist operates via The ONE Platform, you have access to reports on how your solutions are performing regarding customer usage and staff response times. These reports can help with decision making such as how to staff your sales floor or where ONE Assist solutions may or may not be needed. 

Ready to Level Up Your Retail Experience?

ONE Assist by Advanced Wireless Communications can help create operational efficiencies for your team members and save guests the time and frustration associated with finding help while shopping. To learn more about ONE Assist, click here or contact us.

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