How to Get More Out of Your Nurse Call System

Do you need more from your nurse call system?

More often than not, nurse call systems are outdated, featureless, and hinder operations rather than helping staff with their daily tasks. Luckily, there are a number of ways to improve upon your current nurse call systems without eating too deeply into your budget!

Here are a few of the most common issues our team hears about regarding nurse call systems:

  1. Systems are outdated and lacking in features: Many relatively “new” systems still rely on pagers and basic call lights, are lacking in peer-to-peer communication capabilities, and cause staff to be bogged down by multiple devices.
  2. Reporting and charting: Older systems often lack reporting capability and charting on the go is nearly impossible so your staff can’t keep up. 
  3. Resident experience: Traditional printed flyers on bulletin boards might not be seen by all residents. 
  4. Temperature monitoring: Tying up staff with having to log hot and cold water temperatures takes time away from caring for residents.
  5. Budgets: Overhauling an entire system can be costly.

How can you improve your nurse call system?

  1. Renew your current nurse call system with new, integrable technology that works with key systems you already have in place.
  2. Make real-time reporting and charting easier with the help of ONE™ Mobile. The ONE Mobile app powered by The ONE Platform™ can eliminate the need for pagers and enable on the go charting. 
  3. Utilize digital information boards with the help of ONE™ Content to make announcements in real-time to staff and residents. Whether it’s the dinner menu or the bingo schedule, ONE Content keeps everyone in the know.
  4. Automate your temperature monitoring to free up your staff so they can focus on resident care with ONE™ Temperature.
  5. Install scalable solutions suited to fit your needs. Cost effective improvements in the right places can be just as beneficial as overhauling your current nurse call system.

What is The ONE Platform™?

The ONE Platform is a revolutionary, single source technology solution designed to connect all your communication systems. ONE contains a wide variety of solutions, enabling you to pick and choose the solutions that will best fit your senior living community’s needs. 

Wander and Access Control

The ONE Platform enables senior living capabilities to maintain a flexible and secure access control system for residents and staff. This advanced technology allows for easy management of access permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter designated areas while still allowing for residents to explore their community freely. 

Temperature Monitoring

Maintain safe levels in your hot water and refrigeration systems simultaneously with automated temperature monitoring and logging through ONE™ Temperature, freeing up your staff to spend more time doing what they do best, caring for your residents.

Real-Time Charting and Reporting

ONE™ Mobile is a combination of an all-in-one ruggedized Android smart device and software application that enhances your communication and operational efficiency. It allows you to chart in real-time and communicate with other staff members who have ONE Mobile or a two-way radio.

Resident Engagement

Keep your residents engaged and connected to the senior living community with digital newsletters, ride scheduling, or activity registration pages. ONE™ Content will ensure your residents are informed of events happening so they receive a more engaging experience.

Advanced Wireless Communications has dedicated a constant stream of resources to effectively managing the burden that is nurse call. With the help of The ONE Platform, you can turn your nurse call system from a burden into a boon for your senior living community.

To learn more about how The ONE Platform can replace or improve upon your current nurse call system, click here or contact us.

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