AWC Fitting Room Solutions Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience

Quick Overview
Unstaffed fitting rooms were affecting customer conversion.

Installing call boxes in every fitting room, with alerts going to AWR Advantage™ two-way radios that are carried by in-store personnel.

Improved staff efficiency, customer conversion, and customer experience.

Getting potential customers to visit your store is important but once they are in the door the fitting rooms are the next best thing to turn a shopper into a customer. Most shoppers must try on their apparel selections in order to make buying decisions and when the fitting room experience reflects a commitment to excellence, customers are more likely to take advantage of them, improving conversion rates and customer loyalty.

From a customer’s perspective, there is nothing worse than trying to call for assistance while in the fitting room or having to put on street clothes to fetch a different size, color, or style on the sales floor. A large department store noticed that their unstaffed fitting rooms were affecting customer experience and conversion but hiring a fitting room attendant was not the correct solution. They wanted their sale associate out on the sales floor interacting with potential customers but still have access to assisting shoppers in the fitting rooms when needed. The solution was to install call boxes in every fitting room and have the alerts go to AWR Advantage two-way radios that are carried by in-store personnel. Since their store was multi-level and had many fitting rooms, they had the alerts directed to the specific department the call came from to eliminate traveling long distances to help customers and improving staff efficiency.

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