Easy Ways to Keep Your Retail Devices Organized

Retail employees are an integral part of a store’s success, responsible for ensuring smooth operation and providing customers with excellent service. However, even the most diligent team members are prone to misplacing scanners, walkie talkies, and other tools that are crucial to a retailer’s day-to-day operations.

This can lead to many problems for retailers, including decreased efficiency, lost profits, and frustrated customers. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues associated with misplaced retail devices, and easy ways to keep them organized and in top-notch condition.

Decreased Efficiency

Misplaced tools like two-way radios, smartphones, and scanners can significantly decrease the efficiency of retail team members, slowing down their work and increasing the time it takes to complete tasks. This can lead to longer lines, reduced productivity, and overall poor customer experience.

Lost Profits

Missing devices can result in lost profits for retailers. If a scanner is misplaced, employees may not be able to scan items, leading to inaccurate inventory counts and incorrect pricing. This can result in lost sales and dissatisfied shoppers.

Frustrated Customers

If a walkie talkie or scanning device is lost, team members aren’t able to communicate effectively, leading to confusion and frustration for customers who are waiting for assistance.

Increased Costs

Broken or missing devices can increase operational costs for retailers. When team members continuously lose devices it forces retailers to purchase new ones which can add up quickly. Additionally, retailers may need to invest in new procedures or training to help prevent the misplacement of devices in the future.

How to Keep Retail Devices Organized

As retailers rely heavily on devices like scanners, smartphones, and walkie talkies to keep their operations running smoothly, it’s important to keep them organized and protected from damage or loss. Here are some easy ways to help keep devices organized and in good condition:

Assign Responsibilities

Assign a specific person or team to manage and maintain the devices. This could include keeping track of inventory, charging, and maintenance.

Implement A Check-Out System

Create a system for checking out devices to team members and ensure that they are returned to a charging station at the end of the shift or when no longer needed.

Use Labeling and Tracking Systems

Label devices with unique identifiers such as color codes or numbers. Keep a log of which devices are assigned to which employees. Try using a two-way radio like the AWR Advantage™ that has changeable faceplate colors so you can easily identify different departments.

Provide Easy Access to Charging Stations

Make it easy for team members to store their devices on a charging station when not in use. The CHARGE-ALL™ by Advanced Wireless Communications is a multi-unit charging station that can house different devices at the same time. You can mix and match cups in the base station to conform to your unique devices and change them as you need. The CHARGE-ALL even comes in different sizes to charge anywhere from 4-20 devices at a time.

Schedule Maintenance and Cleaning

Regularly schedule maintenance and cleaning of devices to keep them in good working condition. This could include battery replacements, software updates, and cleaning of scanners and walkie talkies. Learn how to safely clean your two-way radios here.

Ready to Get Organized?

The misplacement of retail devices can lead to many problems for retailers, including decreased efficiency, lost profits, and frustrated customers. Retailers can take proactive steps to keep their devices organized and in good condition, which will help to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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