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Advanced Wireless Communications is a leading provider of wireless communications and emergency call systems to the Health Care industry. Our products increase staff productivity, improve quality of service to residents and significantly expand the effectiveness of existing nurse call systems.

Wireless design permits cost effective installation, secure on-line performance reporting and flexible integration to radios, pagers, phones and dome lights.

  • Installation is "wireless" and cost-effective - no cabling to residents rooms
  • Pull cord requests are sent immediately to radios - more effective then door lights
  • Easy "bolt-on" to current legacy hardwired systems and wander control
  • Greatly extends the life of an older hardwired system
  • Provides detailed reports to monitor response times and quality of service.

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With the Instant Assistant compatablity with both the Inovonics® FA (Frequency Agile) and EN (EchoStream) Products as well as Advanced Wireless Communications Devices is NOT a problem, we can do both formats at the same time! Don't be forced into a new system when we can extend the life of your older equipment and add new features like voice and reporting for much less!

Altronix - AL1024 - IA Health Care Applications Accessories
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Corridor Lights power supply/charger converts a 115VAC 60Hz input, to 24VDC @ 10 amp supply current for Access Control application, 24VDC @ 8 amp supply current  distributed via eight (8) PTC protected Class 2 Rated outputs. This unit will power up to 130 Corridor Lights with a 2-Cell Battery Backup (Batteries Included).


UL listed for:
  • Access Control System Units (UL294)
  • Power Supplies for Fire Protective Signaling Systems (UL1481) 
NFPA 72 Compliant

No accessories are currently available for this item.

  • Input 115VAC, 60Hz, 4.2 amp.
  • Input fuse rated @ 3.5 amp/250V.
  • 24VDC output.
  • 10 amp of continuous supply current for Access Control applications.
  • 8 amp of continuous supply current.
  • Eight (8) Class 2 Rated PTC protected power limited outputs.
  • Outputs are rated @ 2.5 amp.
  • Filtered and electronically regulated output.
  • Short circuit and thermal overload protection.
  • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries (Included).
  • Automatic switch over to stand-by battery when AC fails.
  • Maximum charge current 3.6 amp.
  • AC fail supervision (form "C" contacts).
  • Low battery supervision (form "C" contacts).
  • Battery presence supervision (form "C" contacts).
  • AC input and DC output LED indicators.
  • Operating temperature: 0° C to 49° C ambient.
  • 122.84 BTU/Hr.
  • System AC input VA requirement: 483VA.