Instant Assistant® Universal Devices

Universal Devices

The Instant Assistant Universal Devices can be used in most any industry to monitor all types of environmental and security situations. Because these devices are wireless, you can easily add them to your facility and be alerted via two-way radio, phone, email and other devices. Some of the most common uses for these devices are:

• Door monitor
• Panic Button
• Anti-Theft Devices
• Smoking detection
• Security monitoring (Motion detection)
• Fire monitor (Smoke Detector/CO2)
• Power, water, humidity and Temperature monitoring
• Wireless Request Buttons (Pendants)
• Computer HotKey buttons
• Timed Events

In addition, the Instant Assistant has a robust online reporting system that allows for scheduled or on-demand report creation for viewing or email. Reports can be customized to single or multiple locations and include failure monitoring.

With the Instant Assistant compatablity with both the Inovonics® FA (Frequency Agile) and EN (EchoStream) Products as well as Advanced Wireless Communications Devices is NOT a problem, we can do both formats at the same time! Don't be forced into a new system when we can extend the life of your older equipment and add new features like voice and reporting for much less!

AWC - IA-DAS-CLIENT-500 - IA System Software Add-Ons
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Desktop Alerting System for Windows, MAC or Linux Based Computers with the Instant Assistant®.  Can be activated by events on the Instant Assistant or from the HotKeys software. (500 Client)


Packages also available in the following quantities:

  • 1000 Clients
  • 2500 Clients
  • 5000 Clients
  • 10,000 Clients


One client is required for each Windows, MAC or Linux  based computer.  Clients can be installed locally or installed as part of group policy. Annual maintenance and upgrade agreement is recommended.   See Accessories below

Click Here for a more detailed description of the Desktop Alerting System


No accessories are currently available for this item.

  • Integrate within Instant Assistant escalations 
  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • prioritize messages and alerts
  • Include Audible alerts
  • Support for clickable URLs within alerts
  • Deliver alerts to all or selected depts
  • Works across multiple Networks
  • No need for Network changes
  • Central Reporting and Tracking
  • Easy to install with MSI installer
  • Available in a range of localized languages
  • Restrict access with security codes
  • Support for Terminal Server
  • Manage Config via Active Directory
  • Fully customizable Alert Dialogues
Selected Accessory for:
  • AWC Instant Assistant®