BluFi Wireless - BOMULT - Pagers (Guest Page Systems)
User or Dealer Programmable
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BluFi Wireless
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With Boomerang Pagers you’ll easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting atmosphere. Boomerang Pagers help you to be more profitable, by eliminating the high cost of labor associated with having staff search for customers. Many operations pay for their system in months by saving money on labor. Lightweight, commercial strength pagers allow your customers to visit the Bar or nearby areas for a more relaxing experience. With Boomerang Pagers, your staff will deliver a faster, smoother, more customer friendly service.

By using the Boomerang Pager System, your customers no longer have to hear just a beep. Now they can have a voice message, such as “Thanks for choosing our Restaurant, your table is now ready”. The Voice Pagers can also notify customers with a beep, flash and vibration when their table is ready. Other industry specific applications for our pages range from, but are not limited to the following: restaurant paging, church paging, nursery paging, hospital paging, hotel paging, casino paging, retail paging, department store paging, deli paging, hotel restaurant paging and much more.

  • Custom Voice Messaging.
  • LED Numeric display - Make pager numbers what ever you like.
  • Customer Programmable voice messages - Change your message via a PC software.
  • Numeric paging – Send your customers a numeric message for use with locations or orders.
  • IP54 Rated against water / dust intrusion.
  • The Rubber Bumper makes the unit more rugged and helps protect it from impacts.
  • Create your own custom Advertising Insert to promote your events or specials.
  • Can be used with your other existing UHF transmitter Jtech™, HME™, NTN™, Apollo™.
  • Arguably the Lowest replacement Cost Pager on the market today.


Optional Personalized Voice Messaging

With the Boomerang Voice Pager, your customers no longer have to hear just a beep. Now they can have a voice message, such as "Thanks for choosing our Bistro, your food order is now ready". The Voice Pager also notifies customers with a beep, flash or vibration.

Auto Renumbering

Boomerang voice pagers also have the advantage to be automatically renumbered in the charging rack. This is done by the Boomerang remote which is included with the system.

Quick Pager Programming

Program up to 160 pagers in seconds via the Boomerang remote. One remote can be used to program pagers with both frequency and site ID via the Boomerang charging rack. Boomerang racks can program more than 50 frequencies stored within the system making it suitable for any country.

    BOMCHR - Pager Accessories
    Boomerang Ultra/Optima Pager Charger (20 Positions) Pagers Shown, NOT Included.
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  • Signal Format:  POCSAG.
  • Frequency Range: 450.000 to 470.000 MHz(PLL TYPE)
  • Frequency Stability: +/- 10ppm
  • Channel Spacing: 12.5KHz
  • Frequency Deviation:  +/- 4.5KHz
  • Baud Rate: 512bps
  • Sensitivity:
    Upright place: 10.5 uv/m
    Horizontal place: 37.5 uv/m
  • Selectivity: >45dB
  • Image Rejection: >55dB
  • Spurious Rejection: >55dB
  • Intermodulation: >45dB
  • Alert Tone Level: More than 75dB in 30cm distance
  • Voice Level: More than 60dB in 30cm distance
  • Nominal Battery Life: More than 8H
  • Low Battery Voltage: 2.1V