Commtech - 7950 UHF 467-472 - Pagers (UHF)
7950 UHF 467-472
7950 UHF 467-472
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7950 UHF 467-472
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Robust Alphanumeric Pager
The 7950 alphanumeric pagers from Commtech Wireless, a division of Amcom Software, include a number of versatile and indispensable features–all wrapped in a robust, durable casing. The plastic enclosure for the 7950 pagers has been rigorously tested to handle the toughest environments. These pagers boast a plastic casing which is triple the thickness of other market offerings, a wrap-around holster to protect the LCD, and a superior mechanical design to protect against the impact of drops. Color-coded medical-grade rubber housing is also available to cushion impact further and protect against liquid entering the device (ingression).

Ease of Programming & Compatibility
Each 7950 can be configured to display only the options you want each user to be able to access. This keeps users from accidentally reprogramming their pagers and turning off key settings. It also minimizes the number of support calls needed. Many features within the 7950 can be programmed by hand or advanced programming can be managed via a USB programming cable connected to your PC. The 7950 series is compatible with all leading paging systems, as well as most wide-area paging carriers.

Priority Override for Code Calls and Emergencies
During transmission of a high-priority message, a pager on an inaudible setting can be forced to sound an audible tone with the priority override feature. This is critical for events such as code calls and other emergency situations.

Vibrate or Tone Differently for Different Calls
Code calls will beep or vibrate in a special alert pattern, while normal messages will vibrate in a standard fashion. This allows the user to know immediately how urgent the message is without even having to look at the pager.

Rechargeable Option
Any standard 7950 can be configured to operate as a rechargeable pager through a simple software modification and with the addition of a rechargeable battery. Chargers are available as an additional accessory.


No accessories are currently available for this item.

Signal Transmission Type: POCSAG
Cap Codes: 8, Frame Independent
Message Capacity: 50 Messages, 512 Characters per Message
LCD Display: 2 Lines, 20 Characters Per Line
2 Lines (Bold), 15 Characters Per Line
4 Lines, 20 Characters Per Line
Backlit LCD: White LED
Channel Spacing 25KHz WB or 12.5KHz NB (on request)
Frequency Deviation: ±4.5KHz WB or ±2.5KHz NB (on request)
Data Transmission Rate: 512/1200bps or 2400bps
Receiving Sensitivity: 512bps 5uV/m, 1200 bps 7uV/m, 2400bps 9uV/m
Temperature / Humidity: -10°C (14°F) to +50°C (+122°F) @ 95% humidity
Dimensions (without holster): 70 (L) x 49 (W) x 19 (H)mm 2.7 (L) x 1.9 (W) x 0.7 (H) inches
Weight: 135g (4.6 oz) including battery
Battery Life: Up to 80 days using AA Alkaline Battery
Approvals: CE / FCC / ACA C-tick / RoHS / IC
Technical Specifications