Advanced Wireless Communications

The Wireless Services Manager (WSM/RLS):

The WSM is a comprehensive voice feature appliance and provides control over voice and text messaging features for the TEAM integrated solutions. The RLS provides a gateway between Two-Way Radio and the mobile device using a doner radio.  No longer is one device restricted to just phone or two-way radio.

Residing between the mobile device and the PBX, the WSM simplifies the delivery of voice services in converged solutions by brokering the connection between the mobile device and the PBX. This architecture enables interoperability with a range of PBXs and provides support for numerous features that enhance the voice traffic performance and security:

TEAM WSM/RLS ServerImproved battery life
The WSM handles the majority of the processing required to maintain connections, eliminating much of the burden from the mobile device. The resulting substantial extension of battery life ensures ample power for even an extended shift.
Reduced network traffic
By acting as a proxy server for the PBX, the WSM effectively reduces a significant amount of PBX-related traffic. Wireless LAN bandwidth is preserved, protecting network performance.
Increased security
The WSM provides an additional layer of security by requiring a two-factor authentication to enable usage of the WSM services — a username and password in addition to a TLS certificate exchange — between the user, device and WSM. This is the same authentication required for the user to gain access to the WLAN network. Additionally, the WSM provides secure connections to the PBX, AAA Radius server and line of business (LOB) applications, protecting information during transmission.
Simplified management
In order to provide the flexibility required to administer TEAM solution features to different types of employees with different jobs and different communications requirements, the WSM provides granular control of features at the user device level including PTT and text messaging.

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