Page-2-TalkAdvanced Wireless Communications has  a new communication device that is ideal to bring a higher level of service to assisted and skilled Senior Communities. The Page 2 Talk is designed to overlay an existing nurse/e-call and paging systems to allow the user to communicate via two-way radios for emergency purposes.

This device will convert a text message, from a paging transmitter, to speech and broadcast the message to multiple two-way radios making it ideal for senior communities. For example, if a resident were in need of assistance, they would activate an alarm (nurse pull cord, etc.) alerting their care providers through the existing nurse call/paging systems, the text message sent from the paging transmitter - "assistance needed in room 208, bathroom," is translated to speech and sent to staff wearing two-way radios. The nearest staff member to that resident's room could then answer the call, promoting efficiencies within your organization.

The Page 2 Talk device promotes a quieter environment by eliminating overhead paging. The device also promotes faster response times and strengthens safety and security for its users. 

"I think the radios are beneficial. I have mine on all day and can hear what is going on. Often I hear a page and then someone responds that they are near that resident and they can take care of it right away. It saves a step for the person with the pager if they are busy. - many times  they get pages when their hands are full, so hearing the initials and room number is helpful." - Tiffany M. - Executive Assistant - VistaPrairie Senior Living Community

Click on the video to see the Page-2-Talk in action!


Page-2-Talk UHF

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