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NEW Mini Pro UHF Two-way Radio from Advanced Wireless

NEW Mini Pro UHF Two-way Radio from Advanced Wireless Introducing the NEW Advanced Wireless Communications AWR-991 Mini-PRO UHF 450-470MHz 1.5 Watt commercial two-way radio. This 4oz radio is small, easy to use and compatible with most Kenwood accessories. In addition, the Mini-PRO includes a built-in LED Flashlight for emergencies or even everyday use!

The Mini-PRO is the perfect lightweight solution for Theaters, Nursing, Security and many other jobs that need a compact yet durable and feature rich two-way radio. Click here to check out the new Mini PRO from Advanced Wireless Communications
and check out the video below!

Bluetooth for your Two-Way Radio Fleet!

Bluetooth for your Two-Way Radio Fleet! Bluetooth devices are now available for most two-way radio models and offer all the hands free benefits as with cell phones.  Also, many states now require that all devices used in a vehicle be hands free.  Now is the time to get your fleet updated with the latest Bluetooth technology that can pair your current Bluetooth headset with your cell phone AND your two-way radio!  Check out our Bluetooth section by clicking here!

AWGC3300 6-Unit Gang Charger for TK-3230

AWGC3300 6-Unit Gang Charger for TK-3230 The NEW AWGC3300 is a compact 6-Unit Gang Charger for the Kenwood TK-3230 model two-way radio that use the KNB-46L OEM or the new AKNB-46L Advanced Wireless Communications Li-ION batteries. At just over 10" long, 5 inches wide and just under 3 inches tall, it is compact enough to fit almost anywhere yet still charge a battery from fully discharged to fully charged in under 5 hours. Check it out today!

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Online Web Demo

Online Web Demo We don't have any trade shows scheduled at this time but we are always ready to do a personal one-on-one Web Demo of our products. Why not talk to one of our sales advisors today and schedule a demo of one of our wireless products today!

Welcome To Advanced Wireless Communications
Corporate Office of Advanced Wireless Communications
Advanced Wireless Communications is a leader in the design and integration of wireless communications solutions.  
Headquartered in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul metropolitan area, since 1992, we’ve been creating on site wireless systems that help businesses communicate effectively. Whether it’s a national chain of retail stores, a 50-story office town construction site, a large distribution center, a college campus or a retirement home, Advanced Wireless has the expertise and experience to create the best solution possible.

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Motorola TEAM - VoIP Solutions
All the right voice and data services
With Motorola's TEAM solution, you can give your employees
anywhere, anytime access to the key mobile business services
they need to work smarter...and more efficiently:
  • PBX-based telephony: Extend deskphone services to your mobile workers
  • Enterprise grade push-to-talk (PTT ) services
  • Enable private (one-to-one) and group (one-to-many) calls; define up to
    255 dispatch groups to reach entire departments and specific teams at
    the press of a button
  • Corporate email, calendar, address book and other personal information management (PIM) applications Keep workers in touch and on top of schedules, task lists and more
  • Text messaging services: Enable fast, effective communications between workers within the WLAN
  • Internet and intranet access: Provide easy access to web-based applications and information as needed throughout the business day
  • Line of business applications: Provide instant access to business-critical server-based applications, allowing workers to view customer data, place orders, check inventory and more — wherever they happen to be
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Services: Connect workers inside and outside the four walls by extending PBX-based telephony and PTT services over the cellular network to select third party smartphones
Contact Advanced Wireless Communications for information on a demo or more information on how Motorola TEAM FMC can help your business!  We have the solutions for your growing business!
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