The Instant Assistant® from Advanced Wireless Communications is one of the most advanced systems for Health Care facilities around. With its ability to wirelessly communicate with devices, send alerting messages to multiple devices including providing voice messages over two-way radio and the ability to integrate wirelessly with legacy devices. Your facility can immediately begin to see the benefits of improved communication, faster response times and better patient care!

DSSI Ready

To make the ordering and billing process efficient and easier for our healthcare clients we have partnered with DSSI, the leader in providing e-Business solutions to the healthcare industry. For our healthcare customers that are already integrated with the DSSI network, adding Advanced Wireless Communication to your purchasing system couldn’t be easier!

Healthcare Wireless Solutions

Nurse Call Products and Applications:

Wireless design permits cost effective installation, secure on-line performance reporting and flexible integration to radios, pagers, phones and dome lights.
  • Installation is “wireless” and cost-effective – no cabling to resident rooms.
  • Pull cord requests are sent immediately to radios – more effective than a door light.
  • Easy “bolt on” to current legacy hardwired systems and wander control.
  • Greatly extends the life of an older hardwired system
  • Provides detailed reports to monitor response times and quality of service.

Healthcare Wireless Solutions

Wander Control Products:

Resident monitoring system gives Alzheimer’s, dementia and other "at-risk" residents the ability to move freely about their facilities while receiving the protection they need. Perimeter-based security system puts staff at ease while allowing them to direct their energies toward other critical tasks.
  • Protects against elopement and loitering
  • Long-life batteries in resident tags reduces recurring costs
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Can integrate with nurse call systems and radios
Advanced Wireless understands the unique needs of skilled and assisted living facilities. We offer a powerful line-up of wireless products designed to increase resident security, and allow residents, care givers and administrators to communicate faster and more effectively.

Data Concentrator

The Data Concentrator
Extend the life of your legacy wired system!

The first major benefit of the Instant Assistant is that you no longer have to totally give up your current system. The Instant Assistant has been tested on most legacy nurse call systems and we have the ability to tie into these systems and provide you with wireless responses to your wired system.

We take the wired closures or signals from the wired system and bring them into our Data Concentrator. The concentrator can monitor voltage changes from +24 Volts to -24 Volts and everything in between.  We can monitor for voltage change, voltage pulse and standard on/off signals.  Once we receive these, the concentrator will relay those to the Instant Assistant where they are broadcast to the two-way radios, pagers, text alerts and any other method you program the system to use for alerting.

Our Nurse Call system can be integrated to older "hardwired" legacy systems including:
  • Dukane
  • Jeron
  • Executone
  • Tek-Tone
  • Teltron
Note: Integration subject to technical review of your unique situation


Improve Communications and Efficiency

The Instant Assistant's biggest advantage is its ability to improve communications for your staff and provide improved patient satisfaction! We do this by providing voice alerts over two-way radios or through the phone system, LED Sign and PA system. When Staff hear the spoken alert, it is much easier to respond quickly and alert others of who is handling the alert. Staff can also call for help and get assistance easier using the two-way communications of radio.

In addition to alerts being able to “talk”, our call boxes can also optionally be programmed to provide a voice feedback to the resident so they understand that your staff has been notified. All alerts and feedback can be custom programmed to fit your needs.

With legacy systems, you were never able to use these types of technologies without abandoning your old system and starting over. With the Instant Assistant, we can add these services to your legacy hardware and add to your system the conveniences and patient satisfaction you have been looking for!  Click here to see our clickable demo with audio! (Healthcare demo is in the middle of the page)

Security Products

Wireless Security Products

The Instant Assistant allows you to have (or add into your legacy system) products not normally included in most Nurse Call systems. Your system can include Flame sensors use to detect smoking, Smoke sensors, Co2 Sensors and standard motion and door/window sensors.

In addition, the Instant Assistant can be tied into your Fire Alarm panel and Wander Control system to add voice messages and alerting to these devices as well. These additional alerting devices make sure your Staff is fully informed of all emergencies and can communicate quickly and efficiently in case of an emergency.View more of our Instant Assistant products in our Product Catalog under Instant Assistant.

ReportingReporting and Accountability

The Instant Assistant Optional Reporting service allows you to get reports online immediately via our secure online web portal. Through this portal, you can generate reports for specific times and for specific areas of your facility. You can also have the reports scheduled to sun specific times and days and email the reports to you or any number of people.

Reporting allows you to see exactly the number and types of alerts and alarms, exactly the time and day they happened and exactly how long it took your staff to respond. In addition, the system itself is monitored so you will know if a device is missing, tampered with or needs a battery change.

To see examples of some of the Instant Assistant standard reports click here. Of course the Instant assistant can also have custom reports created for your specific needs.

Healthcare Wireless Solutions

What Our Customers are Saying

Northfield Retirement Community“They proved to me that they could get the job done. They came in and listened to our needs and concerns, then they built a system from the ground up to provide a solution for us.”
Kyle Nordine (CEO)- Northfield Retirement Community, Northfield, MN.