The Matchbox

The Matchbox by Advanced Wireless Communications is a devices that allows any legacy device that outputs alarms or monitoring information via a serial (RS-232), parallel (IEEE-1284) or USB 2.0 ports to be monitored and alarms derived from these outputs. Because most HVAC, Nurse Call and industrial equipment allowed for a printout, the Matchbox can be placed in-line with the printer and it searches the output for specific strings of data (ASCII codes) and matches that to pre-defined alerting strings. When a specific string is found, the corresponding alarm is then broadcast to a host of options such as radio in the form of a voice message, pager, phone, text, pop-up alerts and more.

In the example on the right, a security system monitors the Fire Alarm and Security System for a large campus. As events happen, they are printed out on a printer to log the events. The Matchbox is placed in between the system and the printer to also monitor all the information being sent to the printer. When specific words are printed, in this case "FIRE ALARM BRADLEY BUILDING" these words are matched to alarms in the Instant Assistant and trigger an alarm.

Within seconds of this message being printed, Security officers and staff are alerted with a voice message telling them in a spoken voice that there is a "Fire Alarm in the Bradley Building". At the same time, a signal is sent to the Broadcaster to page Fire Emergency instructions to evacuate the building in the Bradley Building. All this is done without the need to manually do anything. The Instant Assistant® handles the emergency based on your programming to whatever Emergency or alerts you need to monitor.

• Continuously scans for ASCII keywords or phrases
• Monitors data from existing serial or parallel ports
• Monitors for periods of unusual inactivity
• Sensitive to day-of-week
• Sends alerts/messages via Instant Assistant to: 
       Two-way radios
       Public address systems
       On-site pagers
       Text Messages
       Computer Pop-Up Alerting
       And more...

• EIA standards for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
• Compliant with FCC Part 15 for Electromagnetic Interference

The hardware is to be wall or rack mounted in a 19” rack.
• Size: 19” x 7.25” x 1.75”
• Temperature: 0 to 70 degrees C
• Weight: approximately 3 pounds
• LED indicators of unit status: Alerting, Receiving Data, and

• 10.5-16VDC or 9VAC