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The Instant Assistant® Web Portal is a subscription service for online reporting and configuration of the Instant Assistant. With the portal, customers can get instant feedback on monitored devices, scheduled reports as well as add, edit and delete devices, make changes to call box audio messages and much more.

To use the Portal, your Instant Assistant must be able to access the internet through a wired internet connection using a secure protocol with 256 bit SSL encryption and  "push" technology. The Instant Assistant is a web device that is used to "push" your encrypted activation and usage data to our server securely via port 443. See our white papers below for additional security and setup information.

Portal MenuOnline Reporting

The Portal is constantly getting updates from your Instant Assistant on all monitored devices and storing that information on our remote databases. With the portal, you can access this information via our reporting engine anytime and see response time, device usage, alerts and error messages.

Portal Report Menu

Reports can be customized to show the information you need to see. You can select to view the reports online, have them emailed to you in multiple different formats (HTML, XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF and Excel). You can also schedule reports to be emailed to specified users at set times.

Portal Report Email Options

Our Report Setup gives you the options you need to get the right reports to the right people and in the format desired. In the example to the right, you can specify the following email parameters:
  • Who the email will be sent to
  • Who any replies to the email will go to
  • If you want the report actually attached to the email
  • What format the attachment will be in
  • Email Priority (Normal, Low or High)
  • If a link to the report on the portal is included (view Online)
  • The Subject of the email
  • Any comment or message that will be included in the body of the message
  • Ability to Schedule Reports to run automatically
  • Ability to view reports on-demand

Click here to view some sample reports generated by the Instant Assistant Portal.

Portal Audio CreationInstant Assistant Programming

The ability to do programming for your Instant Assistant is a very powerful option! For users of Call Boxes, it allows you to move a call box from, for example, Dairy to Produce almost instantly without a support call. With the programming ability, you can modify the voice message given when the button is pushed from "A Dairy Associate will be with you in a moment..." to "A Produce Associate will be with you in a moment...".

The audio files are created via a text to speech engine built into the Portal and the audio files are downloaded by the Instant Assistant and automatically updated. In addition, the logging for the Call Box can now be separated to its own unique ID for Produce instead of still logging the activity as Dairy in our example.  

Portal RTU Setup





With the Portal, adding new devices is very simple. You simply assign the devices ID to your Instant Assistant and identify the name/location of the device. From there the device is active in your system and can then be programmed into reports and if audio enabled, you can program the audio message it will use.

Expandable and Multi-User

The portal is robust enough for a single Instant Assistant or a Network of Instant Assistants all over the country. You can manage one or all from one online site. You can assign multiple users and control what access rights they have. Contact your Account Manager today to get a demo or more information on this versatile tool.

Click here to go to the product pricing and specifications page for the Web Portal

Additional Information and Documents

02/03/2011 Web Portal and Network Security
   How the Web Portal is secured and used on your Network