The Instant Assistant

Instant Assistant® Desktop Alerting System

The Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System is a solution that allows instant and reliable delivery of notifications and alerts across a LAN or WAN to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. With this option, we can allow administrators within an organization to reliably deliver key alerts to any needed individuals across an enterprise without concern for network topology and to provide accurate records of message delivery and acknowledgement.

The Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System is based around a unique Alerting Server technology. When installed on any Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista or Windows 7 desktop or Windows 2000/ 2003 / 2008 Server, the Alerting Server manages connections to all desktop clients and ensures immediate delivery of all alerts.

The Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System also includes redundancy, allowing multiple Alerting Servers to be implemented and ensuring if that one is unavailable at any time, client connections will automatically switch to the next available server. You can use as many alerting servers as you want and they are included for free in the standard license cost. The Alerting Server also controls all client and console connections and authenticates these against unique user defined accounts and security keys, ensuring the system is only used by authorized staff. Use of Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System can also be controlled via Active Directory policies.

The Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System is fully integrated with the Instant Assistant allowing you to program in notification alerts from call box activations, security device activations, environment monitors and many other configured alerts the Instant Assistant can monitor. In addition, the IA HotKeys program can give you instant capabilities to activate special alerts like Tornado Warnings, Security Alerts in Schools and Special messages right from authorized desktops.

The Instant Assistant

Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System in Education

The need to deliver reliable and effective messaging to students across a campus has never been more essential as part of the day-to-day management of a school infrastructure. With students potentially utilizing a mixture of hardware and technology including desktops, laptops and Mac systems, the ability to simply and quickly deliver messages direct to their devices provides a number of benefits to the faculty.

The Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System allows an administrator to deliver within seconds a clear and concise message and instruction to all connected computers or specific departments across a campus. Each message can carry a priority level and a request for acknowledgment. The delivered message automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can be accompanied by an audible alert. In addition, all delivered messages are recorded centrally; registering both the time the message was delivered and acknowledged by the user. In seconds you can view all delivered messages, filter those of interest, review a full list of recipients and, if needed, export a summary for future analysis. Alerts can be fully branded to include the logo and colors of your school or college to ensure immediate recognition by staff and students. Routine Alerts can also be pre-scheduled for a fixed time and date in the future or be applied on a recurring basis. These are ideal for campus-wide events such as fire drills or routine IT system downtime.

Cost Effective for Every Facility

The Instant Assistant Desktop Alerting System software is a very cost effective solution for facilities both large and small. You can afford to install the Desktop Alerting System client on every computer for complete coverage in times of need. With annual maintenance and updates you are always assured of the most up-to-date solution available!

Client License & Annual Maintenance Packages Available
500 Clients 1,000 Clients 2,500 Clients 5,000 Clients 10,000 Clients


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