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Colleges and Universities Event Notification Solutions

Safety and security are top concerns for higher education administrators at our colleges and universities. Life safety officers require effective communication systems to ensure rapid response to emergency events. When timing is critical for an event alert, those responsible for public safety on campus want to get the event notification out quickly and focus on the event itself.

Campuses around the nation are choosing event notification systems designed by Advanced Wireless Communications to be prepared for the unexpected event, such as a weather alert, fire or gas leak emergencies, a rouge worker or a threatening student action.

Broadcaster Diagram

Broadcaster and Broadcaster Max are wireless solutions for public address emergencies.

  • Seamless integration into existing wireless radio communication systems
  • Enhance existing public address systems with prerecorded or live voice notifications
  • Use two-way radios from any campus location to issue direct commands
  • Avoid the high expense of hardwire systems

The Instant Assistant®

The Instant Assistant® monitoring system for immediate notification sent to two-way radios, pagers, phones, and or email for:
  • Monitoring for doors
  • Asset protection
  • Motion detection
  • Smoke, flame and CO detection
  • Monitor vital system such as HVAC, pumps, and electrical systems
  • On-line reports for all monitoring
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Our team of engineers and service technicians can design and install the right communication solution that fits your campus setting or building configuration. Our service and repair teams are the best in the industry diagnosing and repairing wireless products that most wireless companies won't touch.

Since 1992, Advanced Wireless Communications has worked with colleges, universities and businesses to develop and install wireless systems that have increased safety, security and provided effective and efficient communication systems.

In the video at the right, Macalester College and St. Paul Central High School uses Advanced Wireless Communications to create a solution to monitor their Fire, Pumps, HVAC and more as well as for communications. See how your campus can benefit from this technology!