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Distribution centers and supply chain companies rely on efficient communication systems to ensure smooth operations and timely deliveries. Radio communication systems are essential tools for these businesses, as they enable employees to quickly and easily communicate with each other over long distances.

Advanced Wireless Communications offers a wide range of radio and radio systems to suit the specific needs of distribution centers including radio repeaters and distributed antenna systems (DAS), compliance with local police and fire code requirements for radio coverage (P25/Public Safety DAS), specialized radios and mounts for material handling equipment (MHEs), cellular coverage, and hard of hearing solutions.

Reliable Radio Coverage is a Must

Getting the proper radio coverage you need in a million-square-foot building with steel racking and sorters can be challenging. Distributed antenna systems and radio repeaters are your go-to options for solving this problem.

Radio repeaters and distributed antenna systems provide interior and exterior coverage so radio frequencies can travel well past obstacles that may be interfering with them. These systems provide coverage across long distances so employees can have crystal clear communication no matter where they are in proximity to each other.

Police and Fire Code Compliance

Most states and municipalities require owners of large buildings to provide signal boosting equipment to provide coverage to police and fire radios. Why? Building materials such as concrete, metal, and low-e glass can impede radio frequencies (RF) for first responders which is a big problem if a site experienced an emergency situation.

RF testing can be performed to determine if an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) is required to boost the first responder radio signals inside the building. It’s best to have your building assessed if an ERCES is needed when your building is new and still under construction. Learn more about ERCES and Public Safety Code Compliance in this article.

A Quick Fix to Improve Productivity

Equipping material handling equipment with two-way radios can easily improve productivity. Radios can be mounted into various MHEs using the available electrical system and eliminate the need for charging. Mobile radios like the AWR-DM7700 and mounts for forklifts and yard trucks are designed to withstand harsh operating environments and provide reliable communication between workers and equipment operators.

Another way to improve productivity and efficiency is to integrate your radios to automatically receive critical notifications from other systems. The ONE Platform™ can integrate with fire, security, temperature, and sorting systems to transmit time-sensitive notifications directly to radios or other devices.

Adequate Cellular Coverage in Warehouses

Supply chain companies have been undergoing a digital transformation to attain elevated levels of efficiency in their warehouses. Ranging from inventory and network optimization tools to sensors, smartphones, and tablets, new technologies have allowed employees to transition from fixed desktop workstations to mobile devices and access operational systems from anywhere in the facility.

In addition to using programs to track and monitor inventory and shelf-to-shipping movement in real time, warehouse workers can use video conferencing software to communicate and conduct meetings instantly. As these digital tools become business standards, organizations will require strong cellular connectivity that enables effective communication and improves productivity across the property.

We utilize Cel-Fi systems to deliver uniform, high quality cellular signals throughout a building and they are scalable to fit the required size. Plus, Cel-Fi’s carrier-grade solutions are network safe and provide a no noise guarantee. Unlike older analog boosters and passive DAS technology, Cel-Fi QUATRA delivers a cellular signal that is up to 1000 times stronger. The system uses Cat5e cabling for RF and Power over Ethernet, with no signal attenuation right to the perimeter of the building. With coverage like this, teams can stay connected and get the job done.

Communication Solutions for Hard of Hearing Employees

AWC supplies communication solutions for employees that are hard of hearing. ONE™ Communic-Aid is an alert system that provides emergency alarm messages over an existing overhead paging system and text messages to hard of hearing workers that have radios with an LED screen and silent vibration mechanism.

Keep in mind you aren’t limited to just radios. ONE Communic-Aid works with The ONE Platform™ family of solutions and numerous devices to enhance communications with text notification and vibration alerts over radio, audio notifications to radio integrated hearing loops, audio notifications to radio integrated Bluetooth hearing aids, and even speech-to-text-to-speech communication bridges via smart device.

About Advanced Wireless Communications

Advanced Wireless Communications has been serving the unique needs of distribution centers and supply chain companies for over 30 years. We offer a full range of radio communication solutions, including radio repeaters and distributed antenna systems, compliance with local police and fire code requirements for radio coverage, specialized radios and mounts for MHEs, cellular coverage, and hard of hearing solutions. Our experienced design engineers work closely with clients to create a design that ensures the full coverage you need while minimizing infrastructure costs. To learn more about our solutions for distribution centers and supply chain companies contact us or click here.

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