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While COVID-19 continues to impact us all, Advanced Wireless Communications wants to assure you that we remain dedicated to supporting you and your business.

Our teams are working to protect the health and safety of all our vendors, partners, members, customers and our community at large by following all applicable state and local guidelines. Our technicians are working 24/7 to keep your wireless communications solutions and systems up and running.

Advanced Wireless Communications is making it priority #1 to protect all individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic without diminishing the quality of our services being provided. We offer solutions that help organizations adapt quickly and address the ever-changing demands that our current marketplace is experiencing. This includes contactless customer experiences and automated screening solutions.

Advanced Wireless Communications COVID-19 Product Solutions

ODIN Fahrenheit is an automated screening kiosk that eliminates the manual task of screening, staff, visitors, and vendors. This solution uses thermal cameras to measure individual temperatures of incoming traffic. An intelligent touchscreen is used to process each person’s response to your user-defined screening questions. Upon successful completion of screening a badge is printed which serves as a validation of compliance.

Fahrenheit 1.0 is a solution that utilizes facial recognition and thermal imaging to capture and track compliance for both staff and visitors. Powerful thermal imaging is used to automate the tracking and measurement of an individual’s temperatures. Reporting on historical activity is available with this network ready solution.

Fahrenheit 2.0 includes all the capabilities of Fahrenheit 1.0 but adds several additional beneficial features such as user-defined screening questions based on staff, visitor, and vendors, automated badge creation that signifies compliance with screening temperature and questions, automated workflows to alert staff in the event of a failed screening and online dashboard with powerful reporting mechanisms.

Contact-less and Customized Curbside Solutions

Advanced Wireless Communications offers contact-less curbside solutions that are geared to make curbside pickup quick, efficient and easy for both customers and team members. These solutions offer flexibility, scalability and unmatched communication options.

We offer additional solutions to ensure that you not only get the most out of your curbside pickup program, but enhance overall operations. Solutions like advanced team communication platforms, dwell monitoring, access control, and help buttons. Mix and match any of our solutions to ensure every consumer receives the best possible curbside experience. Our solutions can easily be expanded to support your own growing curbside demand. Customize your two-way call boxes and signage with your logo and brand colors.

The ODIN Retail Enterprise includes a real-time online dashboard, enterprise reporting and powerful integration capabilities and puts all of your communication needs in one place.

Social Distance Communications

Advanced Wireless Communications offers safe and easy-to-use two-way radios that allows staff to maintain proper social distance without impacting overall productivity. In addition, our two-way call boxes are a social distance means for staff, guests, and visitors to communicate while ensuring adequate social distancing protocols.

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