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Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Efficiency

Are you concerned about the continuous raising rates of your two-way radios and the repairs that are constantly needed? A major office supply retailer did and they were pleased to learn that Advanced Wireless Communications offers nation wide customer service and that the AWR Advantage two-way radio was engineered from the ground up to eliminate common break and fail points.

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AWC Call Boxes Improve Safety and Customer Conversion

Customers need assistance from an associate when dealing with overstock and hard-to-handle products. When an associate can’t be found it can affect customer conversion and can create a potential liability for the retailer when shoppers attempted to reach and handle these goods themselves.

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AWC Radios Improve Response Times and Customer Satisfaction

Customers’ expectations for on-demand product sizes, colors, and styles creates the need to use runners to and from back rooms and remote storage areas. Extended wait times while the store associate leaves the customer to search for product leads to customer frustration, loss of consumer confidence, and abandonment of sale.

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AWC Fitting Room Solutions Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience

Getting potential customers to visit your store is important but once they are in the door the fitting rooms are the next best thing to turn a shopper into a customer. Read more to find out how a large department store installed call boxes and how they improved staff efficiency, customer conversion, and customer experience.

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AWC Receiving Door Solutions Increase Staff Efficiency

How the receiving door is handled at a retail store can have a direct effect on the profitability of a business. Read more to find out how two-way radios and external call buttons can decrease missed deliveries, increase staff efficiency, and improve customer experience.

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AWC Call Boxes Improve the Retail Customer Experience

While locked cases and displays are great for protecting valuable items from potential shoplifters they can also frustrate legitimate buyers. Read more to find out how a large west coast grocer installed AWC UHF Call Boxes and how it increased customer conversion and decreased walkouts.

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