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Woman scanning inventory in a store

Easy Ways to Keep Your Retail Devices Organized

Retail employees are an integral part of a store’s success, responsible for ensuring smooth operation and providing customers with excellent ...
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Man in construction gear talking on a two-way radio

5 Reasons Two-Way Radios are Still a Big Deal

Two-way radios have been around for about 100 years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a big deal. The ...
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They’re here! Advanced Wireless Communications now offers scanner technologies for Zebra scanners and devices. From swivel holsters to chargers to ...
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AWC Launches The ONE Platform™

For the last three decades, Advanced Wireless Communications has worked alongside thousands of business teams, listening and learning about day-to-day ...
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Our Radio Just Got a Facelift

A Superior Two-Way Radio, Now More Powerful Than Ever Here at Advanced Wireless Communications, we will be the first to ...
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AWC Radio & Call Box Cleaning Recommendations

During this trying time, health and safety are in the forefront of our minds. Two-way radios and call boxes come in direct contact with humans ...
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How to Clone AWR Advantage™ Radios

The AWR Advantage Two-Way Radio features wireless cloning that allows you to easily copy radio settings from one radio (the master) to all other radios ...
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7 Things You Didn’t Know about the AWR Advantage™

Did you know that the AWR Advantage was engineered from the ground up to eliminate common break and fail points? How about that it has ...
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4 Two-Way Radio Problems with Simple Solutions

Having an issue with your two-way radios, especially if you just recently purchased them, is frustrating. However, the solution might be easier (and less expensive) ...
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Radio 101: Etiquette and Usage

Clear communication over two-way radios is important and because of this, fundamental rules were created. While your company might not be using the NATO alphabet ...
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Radio 101: History

Two-way radios have been around for more than a century but over time the technological advancements have made them into what we know and love. ...
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Radio 101: Lingo

Two-way radio lingo and the NATO Alphabet were created to quickly and effectively communicate commonly used phrases, easy to misunderstand words, and spell words effortlessly ...
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