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ODIN Fahrenheit

ODIN Fahrenheit can be used to monitor incoming human traffic and their temperature to ensure that they don’t pose a risk to others.
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Wireless Cloning the AWR Advantage

The AWR Advantage Two-Way Radio features wireless cloning that allows you to easily copy radio settings from one radio (the master) to all other radios within range without the use of wires or cables.
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Radio 101: Etiquette and Usage

Clear communication over two-way radios is important and because of this, fundamental rules were created. While your company might not be using the NATO alphabet or two-way radio language, such as “10-4”, “Over”, and “Copy That”; it is beneficial to know some of the etiquette and techniques to provide everyone with the best two-way radio experience.
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Radio 101: History

Two-way radios have been around for more than a century but over time the technological advancements have made them into what we know and love.
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Radio 101: Lingo

Two-way radio lingo and the NATO Alphabet were created to quickly and effectively communicate commonly used phrases, easy to misunderstand words, and spell words effortlessly over two-way radios.
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