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Can You Hear Me Now?


How to Support Hearing Impaired Employees During Emergency Situations

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America approximately 20% or 48 million Americans have hearing loss. Whether it is mild, moderate, severe, or profound, in one ear or both, hearing loss can affect a person’s job due to the impact it has on their ability to communicate with others. To support those with hearing loss and provide companies with the means to communicate with all their employees we created the AWC ODIN Hearing-Impaired/Alert System.

In emergency situations, such as a fire or severe weather, everyone needs to be alerted but with hearing impaired employees an overhead paging system is not enough. The AWC ODIN Hearing-Impaired/Alert System is designed to provide emergency alarm messages over an existing overhead paging system as well as providing text messaging to hearing impaired personnel carrying the Kenwood NX-3300 K3 two-way radio. The use of these radios with the ODIN System allows staff to be alerted by vibration that a text message is being received and requires their attention immediately.

Along with the benefits to hearing impaired employees the AWC ODIN Hearing-Impaired/Alert System also includes an emergency override microphone that can be used to interrupt an active ODIN Platform alarm message or initiate a “live” overhead paging announcement. And with the addition of a cellular hotspot, AWC can make remote changes or monitor the system without being a part of the company’s internal network alleviating the concern for network security breaches.

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Source: Hearing Loss Association of America


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