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When customers implement their BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In Store) strategy, they are taking the first great step in merging the on-line and off-line channels. Although it is exciting, it poses certain challenges that can cause customer frustration and loss of business.

At Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC), we have deployed hundreds of successful BOPIS strategies across the nation. We have implemented numerous solutions that deliver great convenience to BOPIS customers while building customer loyalty for the retailer.

Below are our most common BOPIS applications. With our team of engineers, we are capable of creating custom BOPIS solutions for our customers and have successfully done so.

Drive up sensor Icon


When a BOPIS guest drives up to the designated area a message automatically broadcasts to the appropriate BOPIS team members, so they are aware that the guest is present.

Help Call Box Icon


Know when a guest arrives to pick up an order by outfitting designated BOPIS parking stalls with weatherproof help buttons. Your guest pushes a button and a message broadcasts to your BOPIS team – “Guest pick-up in stall one” (customize the message to fit your store needs). A BOPIS team member receives the call through a two-way radio, phone, smartphone application, or other device.

Two-way call box Icon


Outfit your designated BOPIS stalls with two-way call boxes. This allows your guest to push a button and connect with a BOPIS team member. Once connected your team member and guest can have a conversation. This allows your team member to gather information from the guest before making a trip out to the BOPIS parking stall. This solution creates quicker turn times and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Phone Icon


BOPIS guests park in a designated area with appropriate signage. The guest calls a phone number on the signage and connects with a BOPIS team member through telephone or two-way radios. This solution works well if using two-way radios. It will enable your two-way radios to receive phone calls.

ODIN Platform Icon


A customized solution that offers flexibility and integration. With the ODIN Retail Enterprise system, you can track response times to BOPIS calls and other in-store assistance calls. It provides the ability to generate reports for training and see where you can improve service. Integrate with existing systems to get real-time notifications to multiple devices such as two-way radios, smartphone application, telephone, e-mail and other devices.


Contact us to learn more about these and other BOPIS solutions that we offer or check out our BOPIS page.


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